Health Benefits of Cranberries

Discover the health benefits of cranberries, what they can do for our body.

We have known for quite some time that cranberries can prove to be very good for our bodies, but what do they do for us exactly? Long ago pilgrims used these berries to fight of scurvy, unaware that it was the high content of vitamin C that made them such a great berry to fight off illnesses. We should actually start increasing our intake of these red berries, though some of us may not enjoy their taste all that well. 

An interesting little fact is that the Native Americans would grind up these wonderful berries and place the paste like result on the wounds to prevent them from getting infected. It created some kind of barrier. It must have worked because they kept on doing it and the lore still holds up to this very day.

Cranberries have something in that can prevent E. Coli bacteria, which in turn can protect our urinary tract. Some people say it can fight off bladder and urinary tract infections however this really hasn’t been proven. It can prevent them from happening if you keep a regular dosage of cranberries in your diet. 

These berries are also packed with antioxidents which can keep our cells protected from damage by unstable molecules that are known as free radicals. These usually can result in the growth of cancer cells. 

Cranberries can also prevent plaque formation, which can lead to all kinds of dental problems, so it turn this berry is also health on our teeth.

This berry has also been known to kill this bacteria that can cause stomach cancer and ulcers, in turn preventing them from ever forming. Now this requires regular cranberry juice consumption for months.

It’s said that drinking cranberry juice on a good daily basis can increase our good cholesterol while lowering our bad cholesterol at the same time. And there are plenty of us who are rooting for things like this. These sour red berries can prevent tumors from growing too fast and may even prevent them from appearing at all. 

These berries are healthy on your heart. They not only lower your bad cholesterol but can lower high blood pressure. Altogether this is one good berry for your heart.

It’s safe to say that we should all be taking in more of these berries and its juice to be getting some of its benefits. Though we shouldn’t fully rely on them. We should seek out our professional doctor and ask what he/she may think of us adding more cranberries to our diet. Now if it is over something less important than by all means do it with out asking but if it’s about your heart or anything else more serious do ask your doctor first.

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