Health Benefits of Drinking Milk

Milk is the most nutrtious food in our is required to give the body strength to fight with all dieases,it also raises the memory power of the child.milk is always the firsy food that a child gets from his mother.

Milk is one of the most nourishing drink and most efficient drink for every human is the first food that a child gets from his mother.milk is a source of healthy living.drinking milk twice a day keep disease away.the benefits of drinking milk are:
1)milk gives energy:our body reqires a lot of energy and milk is a source of energy for doing any work as one time 38 ‘atp’ is energy is most required in our body and milk gives ample amount of energy.
2)milk gives strength to teeth:milk contains calcium which is beneficial for long lasting of teeth so when milk gives the body to fight with any disease in the tooth.
3)milk raises memory power:milk raises the momery power of a gives a person more energy to recall every thing he has read after days or gives concentration to a child to study more efficiently and properly.
4)milk is an immune against various disease: milk works as an immune to many disease,it is given on every small or big disease so that it fights with the germs.
5)milk intact the bones:milk contains various vitamins which keeps the bones intact.vitamin such as vitamin A,vitamin b12 are found in milk which helps our body to keep our bones and muscles together.
6)milk raises the eye power:Vitamins A, B, C and E play vital roles in eye health.  Milk contains these vitamins to give efficiency to the person suffering eye problem.
7)gives energy to a pregnant:milk contains calcium,which is required to give strength to the child.saffron milk should be used for drinking

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