Health Benefits of Engaging in Sex

Sex is medicine. Read the health benefits we all stand to gain from a good sex life.

                                        Health Benefits of Engaging In Sex

Engaging in sex, according to experts is said to carry great health benefits. A good thing for us all I can confidently guess! Throughout the years there have been scientific evidences upon evidences showing that it is indeed true humans derive a good amount of health benefits just by engaging in sex. So with out any further ado I would like to introduce you all to some of these potential health benefits we can derive from engaging in protected sex:

Relieving depression and stress – according to many experts sex helps significantly in the reduction of depression and stress levels in us. As we all know certain stress levels are really harmful to the body and therefore anything that helps in the reduction of such dangerous stress levels is surely a good thing. And that is where having sex comes in! Experts have said time and again that having an orgasm from a good bout of sex helps in calming people down and helps with sleep problems. Semen is also said by experts to contribute in the reduction of depression levels in people. The State University of New York conducted a study into how semen can help play a role as an antidepressant. In the University’s study they found out that females who had constant safe sex with their male partners without the use of condoms showed fewer signs of depression than women who used a condom. Those who abstained from sex showed even greater levels of depression than the rest.

 Lowering of blood pressure – studies have also shown that frequent very active sexual intercourse can help massively in the lowering of our blood pressure levels. Several scientific studies throughout the years can attest to this fact. This, coupled with its ability to reduce stress can massively prevent strokes in most people.

Helps in the battle against prostrate cancer – In the fight against prostrate cancer in men, doctors have normally said that the more a man ejaculates the better his chances of not developing a prostrate cancer. Regarding this, here is what one of the journals from the American Medical Association published: “High ejaculation frequency was related to decreased risk of total prostrate cancer.”

A powerful pain-killer – Now I bet most of you are hearing this for the first time. But it is indeed hundred percent true. Sex can indeed act as a very strong pain relieving medicine. So how does having sexual intercourse actually serve as a pain reliever? Well the answer starts with a natural chemical that can be found in the body when climaxing which is called Oxytocin. According to our good old experts in the field, during climax or orgasm our pain tolerance threshold and pain detection threshold are said to increase quite significantly. This therefore makes orgasm a very powerful pain-killer as our pain tolerance threshold can increase to as high as over 70% when we are experiencing an orgasm.

The wound healer – another great health benefit derived from sex is its ability in healing wounds quite faster. Several studies have shown that the chemical oxytocin that the body produces before and during climax can regenerate certain crucial cells that help the body to heal wounds quite rapidly. Reports have even shown that stubborn wounds sustained by people with diabetes can be healed quite rapidly as a result of the regenerated cells made possible by oxytocin.

So folks, this is where I seek your permission to end my little talk on the health benefits we can all derive from a good sex life. Remember sex is the sweetest medicine ever. Let us keep taking safety dosages of it and live a healthier and happy life. Thank you.

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