Health Benefits of Onions: Fight Colds and Tooth Decay Naturally

The health benefits of onions can be experienced by people of all ages.

You can also do so in many, many different ways so if you don’t like eating onions directly, you can still benefit from them by using them in dishes such as soups and then removing them after the meal has been prepared. Onions are frequently used as seasoning in many parts of the world. People who enjoy the flavor may have caramelized onions, onions rings, onion soup, and other flavorful snacks and dishes.

Onion_8174068 (Photo credit: SoraZG)

Onions for the Common Cold

The health benefits of onions have been utilized by people around the world to treat various illnesses for thousands of years. Onions are used to treat the common cold, as well as coughing and respiratory problems. Onions are beneficial to persons who have bacterial infections, and are used effectively to fight oral infections and tooth decay.


“Coughs and Sneezes Spread Diseases – As Dangerous as Poison Gas Shells”. U.S. Public Health ad on dangers of Spanish Flu epidemic during World War I. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Onions as an Antifungal

The health benefits of onions and garlic are well known to HIV patients. Onions are a known antifungal. According to Science Alert, onions have proven antifungal activity in antifungal sensitivity testing done using the pour plate technique. Onions were proven to be effective in inhibiting the growth of the Aspergillus species of fungi.

English: Aspergillus on a tomato. Česky: Aspergillus na rajčeti. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Onions as a Natural, Healthy Pesticide

Onions are a natural insect repellant. Some persons place onions near light bulbs to repel insects which would otherwise be attracted to the light. Onions can also be used to make insect repellant spray which can be used in the garden.


Onions to Treat Acne

Onion juice is mixed with olive oil to treat mild acne. The onion juice and olive oil is used to make a face mask, which is applied for 15 minutes. You should use this carefully on a small section of your face first and observe how your skin reacts to it before using it on your entire face. 

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Onion for acne

Acne vulgaris (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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