Health – Caffeine Causes Irritation Urethral

Caffeine, a substance present in tea and coffee and can provide an injection of vigor and energy. Often consumed in the morning or evening either warm or chilled.

The workers depend on caffeine to help resist sleep, if the job requires concentration and long working hours. Even had the benefit, it turns out caffeine also have negative side effects.

Age also affects the negative effects of caffeine on the body. The older, the negative effects of caffeine will be worse. This is why the men aged 40 years and over frequent urinary tract infections.

It is not simple to alter one’s habits in consuming caffeine. Having been accustomed to, and reasons to be more literate, much depends on this caffeine.

How lots of cups are recommended?

However, by reducing the intake of caffeine in the body, at least help prevent negative effects.

As you know, the amount of caffeine in a cup of black coffee is lower than a massive coffee in cafes. If a cup of black coffee contains 100-125 mg of home caffeine, or the instant coffee in the cafe (not black coffee) could contain double the amount of caffeine.

Furthermore, not only are concerned about caffeine can trigger negative effects, but also the number of calories.

For it is highly recommended to consume at least 1-2 cups of black coffee every day.

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  1. very useful post

  2. Excellent post. Of course, anyone with one of more of the symptoms listed should see a doctor rather than self diagnosis.

  3. Well done, with picture showing actual body image, and good informative article, thanks for a good share.

  4. Well done, with picture showing actual body image and good informative article, thanks for a good share.

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  7. i might start drinking coffee. this is a great article.

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  15. Very good article ! I don’t drink coffee, but I do drink a lot of sodas and I keep having trouble here and there with infection. If I don’t drink any soda, I will get head aches. They also cause weight gain. I can’t seem to work the weight off cause all I drink is soda. Thanks for sharing.

  16. Interesting facts. They are also true so thanks for sharing. :)

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