Health center : Seven effective way of relieving your toothache

Toothache may be the worst thing which you’ve ever experienced.

Do you really know what the pain is? If you have no experience about toothache, sure that you really don’t know what it is. I got my first toothache four years ago when I was still a mechanical engineering student. I couldn’t sleep four hours. It was the mignight, when I got it. I had nothing to do to lessen the pain. I cried all the night because of my pain. Next day, I went to a dentist and got some medicines. It was the worst pain I have ever experienced. This article informs you what you need to do when you feel a strong pain in your teeth. It can help you on how you can lessen the pain before going to a dentist.

Toothache is commonly caused by tooth decay or bacterial infection which penetrates the root of your tooth. If someone drinks beverages or eats chocolates, this lead up to tooth decay since it causes irritation of root nerves.

Without delay, I would like to list the ways of relieving your toothache.

  1. To relieve the pain, you can get painkillers like Aspirin and Tylenol. However, do not place them on your tooth directly because it may damage your gum tissue.
  2. Brush your teeth. Sure that, this will somehow relieve your pain.
  3. Using dental gels like “Orajel” may ease your pain. In drugstores, there are many gels similar to “Orajel”.
  4. Rinse out your mouth by salty water because it burns inside your mouth and eases the pain for a while.
  5. Take some amount of alcohol and pour it on to a piece of cotton wool. Then, put it inside cavity or just on your tooth. This is one of the benefits of alcohol. However, do not use much amount of alcohol because much alcohol may damage your gum tissue.
  6. If the pain is because of nerves in dental plaque, rinse out your mouth by cold water or use a piece of ice. This, some how, lessens the pain in dental plaque.
  7. Take some amount of clove oil and pour it on a piece of cotton wool. Then, put it inside cavity or compress just on your tooth. Warm water and clove oil mixture is efficient in alleviating toothache. Clove oil is a potent essential oil which is used by dentists.

Do not forget that all of them are short-term remedies for your pain. Only a dentist can tackle your tooth problem.

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  1. When I was a child dentistry was not as good as it is now and I still have a fear of the dentist. Good article!

  2. Good tips..

  3. The salt water thing has never not worked for me. In other words it has always worked for me.

  4. Among the most effective home remedies for toothache is garlic. A clove of garlic with a little rock salt should be placed on the affected tooth. It will relieve the pain and, sometimes, may even cure it. A clove should also be chewed daily in the morning. It will make the cure teeth making it strong and healthy.

  5. Hey, thanks for the tips.. my tooth is killing me! I didn’t have clove oil, but I did have whole cloves. I dropped 8 of them in a little salt water and heated it for 40 seconds.. much better!

  6. Charcol in a teabag will cure mild infection.
    Essencial oil called Thieves on a q tip for infection.

  7. washing with salt really helps. and garlic has done miracles to my aching tooth. i now dont plan to see the dentist any time soon.

  8. plz what do i do to my tooth ache its really painful in the inscisor n mola

  9. Brushing teeth is good at easing toothache. and also aspirin. but what can i do to cure an impacted tooth without removing it?

  10. Drink lots of cold water.

  11. I have a toothache right now and it’s accompanied with fever. I gargled water with salt in it. It somehow ease the pain but then it’s still there. I have it removed when the pain is gone. Huh! I want to punch my cheek right now! grrrrr…

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  13. Nice info…

  14. I pulled out 3 of mine.

    Tootache is awful indeed.

  15. Taking alcohol is not a good solution I think. Alcohol not only hurts your overall health but also disrupts gingivitis.

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  17. After trying most things, I now think that a visit to the dentist is the best remedy for an aching tooth – of course am yet to that myself (still waiting for the pain to become unbearable- I hope it doesnt).

  18. I had a terrible tooth ache and i guggled hydrogen peroxide solution which gave me an instant relieve.
    I have been recommending it to my friends when they have tooth ache and they say it worked magic!

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    Have a nice read.

  20. Rinse olive oil for 15 minutes w/out spitting. Do this every 30 min till pain calms down.

  21. I have toothache now but rinsing it with salty water can relieve the pain for a while, can’t take pain killers now because it has no effect on my toothache.

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