Health Education 101

Health Education for parents.

1.   Injury prevention :


1. Supervise closely when near any source of water.

2. Keep bathroom doors closed.

3. Have fence around swimming pool and lock gate.

4. Teach swimming and water safety.

Choking and suffocation:

1. Avoid large, round chunks of meat, such as whole dogs.

2. Avoid fruit with pits, fish with bones, dried beans, hard candy, chewing gum, nuts and marshmallows.

3. Choose large sturdy toys without sharp edges or small removable parts.

4. Select safe toy boxes or chests without heavy, hinged lids.


1. Place all potentially toxic out of reach or in a locked cabinet.

2. Administer medication as a drug not as a candy.

3. Do not store large surplus of toxic agents.

4. Teach child not to play in trash containers.

5. Never remove labels from containers of toxic substances.

6. Replace medication or poisons immediately; replace child-guard caps properly.

7. Know number and location of nearest poison control center.


1.Keep screen in window and use guardrail

2. Place gates at top and bottom of stairs.

3. Remove unsecured or scatter rugs.

4.Keep large toys and bumper pads out of crib

5. Avoid using walkers especially near stairs.

6. Dress in safe clothing (soles that do not catch on floor).

7. Keep child restrained in vehicles.

8. Select play areas with soft ground cover and safe equipment.

Motor vehicles:

1. Use federally approved car restraint.

2. Supervise child while playing outside.

3. Do not allow the child to play behind a parked car.

4. Do not permit child to play in peil of leaves.

Supervise tricycle riding.5.


1. Turn pot handles toward back of stove.

2. Store matches and cigarette lighters in locked area.

3. Place burning candles, hot food out of reach.

4. Cover electrical outlets form iron or other appliance hang within child’s reach.

5. Apply a sunscreen when child is exposed to sunlight

Bodily damage:

1. Avoid giving sharp such as knives and scissors.

2. Store all dangerous tools, garden equipment.

3. Use safety glass and decals on large glassed areas.

4.Teach stranger safety      

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