Health Tips

Home remedies to cure or prevent health problems.

  1. Acidity: To cure acidity, just mix in half a glass of cold water and half a glass of cold milk and acidity is gone in seconds
  2. For cold, do not take any tablets, it will remain for three days without fail; but to be relieved, boil half a glass of water, to it add basil leaves, turmeric powder ( a pinch), little bit of ginger ( crushed) and very little salt. Strain it and drink it.
  3. Sore Throat: To warm water, add a little salt and gargle
  4. Dandruff: Before washing your hair, rub it thoroughly with lime (with juice in it) and you find no dandruff after a wash
  5. Heartburn: Eating almonds or a lime dipped in salt before meal
  6. Bad breath: Do not use mouth freshener, the most natural mouth freshener would be chewing cardamom seeds or parsley or limejuice (with no sugar or salt). It works the best.
  7. Cough: Just take a spoonful of turmeric powder before going to sleep i.e., without water.
  8. Eating lots of fibrous fruits and vegetables daily is the best cure to constipation
  9. Diabetes: Drinking bitter gourd or neem leaves juice everyday helps diabetics
  10. Low Cholesterol Oil: Sunflower oil is the least cholesterol content oil and is the best substitute for butter, cream etc
  11. Wash your tired eyes with cold water to give it instant relief
  12. Indigestion: Mix equal parts of baking soda and water in a glass
  13. Mouth ulcers: Apply coconut oil and let all the saliva comes out until it burns or you can use honey as well
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