His Life is Teenage Smoking Five Happier Times

Smoking not only affects physical health, but also psychologically. Especially in teenagers, the hobby of smoking made youth was five times more unhappy and vulnerable mired in violence.

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This trend was revealed in a study conducted by the Institute for Social and Economic Research at Essex University. In that study, at least 5,000 respondents aged 10-15 years were asked a variety of things related to everyday lifestyle.

Observations showed that adolescents who have unhealthy lifestyles, including smoking and drinking alcohol get happiness score 4-5 times lower than those having a healthy lifestyle.

Cigarettes at least make it happy, that is to score five times lower. While most high happiness scores obtained by the teenagers who often ate vegetables and fruits.

Lifestyle that also increases happiness by diligent study, among other sports, as well as reducing the consumption of chips, soda and sugary foods. Dr Brooker way that led the study said, the trend is consistently observed even when adjusted for other factors such as economic status and education level of parents sosal.

This means that the results of this study is believed to represent the adolescent population in general.

“The message is a juvenile should have the healthiest lifestyle possible. Follow along through the behavior of adults who are not happy at all will not help him look older,” said Dr Brooker, as quoted from Dailymail, Sunday (03/04/2012).

The study also revealed that the most vulnerable youth lifestyle became unwell at the age of 13-15 years. At this age, the consumption of vegetables and fruits and exercise habits decreased by an average of 11 percent while the consumption of tobacco and alcohol rose from 8 percent to 41 percent.

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