Holistic Approach in Healthcare

What is Holistic Approach? How is it done? What is the role of health care assistant in providing care for older person?

Generally, holistic approach means looking at the whole picture. The key thing is to understand the whole thing by evaluating parts together and interdependently until well-being is achieved. It has considerable view of the physical, emotional, psychological and social aspects of an individual to obtain a better result. One works with the others. In giving care to older people, holistic approach is use. This method is use to pin point the best way to promote good health and all the best in life. Health Care Assistant roles in providing such care are the following:

  • Identifying the physical condition of the older person and be cautious with it as you work with them.
  • Work together with the older people in identifying his or her own needs.
  • Communicate with the older person and their family, doctor, nurse and other staff in order to provide accurate treatment and help for the resident.
  • Apply in practical use the knowledge acquired regarding the age-related changes in older people.
  • Make sure proper assistance is given in taking medicines, eating a well-nourish food, encouraging exercise, and maintaining personal hygiene.
  • Encouraging the older people to participate in activities (but the older people should decide for themselves) to enhance their social life.
  • Boost the emotional and psychological aspects of the older people by giving them the respect, care, and love they needed. For loving them is the most important of all.
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