Homemade Relief for a Runny Nose

Rhinorrhea is the scientific term to describe the annoying condition known as runny nose. Check out these three simple homemade methods to find relief.


1.- Chinese acupressure

Apply mild pressure with your finger at the corner of the nostril. You will notice a small cavity there. Massage the area with the tip of your finger as shown in the image below. Your nostrils should slightly close an open when you do this. Perform 10 circular movements.

There’s another cavity at the inner corner of your eye where tears come out. Perform 10 circular movements with the tip of your finger just like you did before with the nostril spot. This massage is more like pushing-releasing than wide movements.


The next area is located on the back of your earlobe. Put your finger just below the cartilage and perform 10 circular movements. Again, do the same press-release like movements. Don’t push the cartilage.


Repeat the above sequence three times. I recommend you to repeat this procedure again in about 10 minutes to get a longer-lasting relief.


2.- Salt teardrops

Usually the body tries to get rid of allergens in the nose by producing mucus. You can use saltwater solution to clear out the nose, but bear in mind that it can be a little uncomfortable. Dissolve ½ teaspoon of ordinary salt in eight ounces of clean, warm water. Apply it to the nasal passageway using a dropper (improvise with something that comes in handy if you don’t have one) once nostril at a time. You just need a few drops. Inhale very gently to draw the solution in further. After applying blow your nose to remove all salt water along with some nasal discharge containing those annoying substances that causes irritation.


3.- Spicy food

Some people get a runny nose from eating hot spices such as chili or jalapeño. However, according to Dr. Gordon Raphael (allergist) spicy foods can, in fact, be very helpful:

“Blasting yourself with hot and spicy food might be a good way to increase the nasal discharge to the point where it will remove whatever is causing it to run. In addition, this same response releases chemicals in the nose that protect against infection.” (Source: ).

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