How Brushing Your Teeth Could Save Your Life

Brushing your teeth can do more than give you a great smile, it can also help save your life.

We are encouraged from an early age to brush our teeth at least twice a day,to stop us from getting cavities and to keep our gums healthy, but did you know that brushing can significantly lower the risk of heart complications?

The mouth is said to be one of the dirtiest places on the human body,there are approximately 700 different types of bacteria found in our mouths. People that do not brush properly will often find themselves with small cuts in their gums,these cuts provide the bacteria with a direct route into the bloodstream.

Once the bacteria is in the bloodstream,it attaches itself to platelets (that help blood to clot when you cut yourself). By attaching to the platelets,the bacteria causes the platelets to clot inside the blood vessel,partially restricting it. This prevents the blood from flowing freely and significantly increases the risk of a heart attack.

Professor Howard Jenkinson said it best when he stated that “It doesn’t matter how fit,slim or healthy you are, you’re adding to your chances of getting heart disease by having bad teeth”.

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  1. Very informative but somewhat..alarming article.
    I think I brush my teeth properly but I usually cut my gums a bit
    while floshing..:s

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