How Can You Improve Your Eyesight

You can improve you eyesight naturally by following these healthy tips.

Eyes are the great blessings of God Almighty. Beautiful eyes enhance your face beauty and also put a deep impact on your personality. The most important thing with beautiful eyes is the strong eyesight; good eyesight is also a precious blessing. In today’s world a lot of people are facing troubles with weak eyesight. There are so many medical treatments re available in the market to enhance eyesight, including the use of glasses, laser operation, and so many other eye drops are available. Laser operation is a very expensive option and using eye drops gives you a temporary relief and using glasses is irritate so much. Besides all these options there are some natural ways to increase eyesight power. These tips are easy to use and contain so many other health benefits for humans, have a look at some natural techniques to boost your eyesight.
1- Drink carrot juice early in the morning; enhance the eyesight because it contains all essential vitamins good for your eyes.2- Morning walk with beer footed on a fresh green grass.3- Pour 2 drops of pure honey before sleeping.4- Using egg and fish meat at breakfast also helps a lot.5- At sleeping when you close your eyes, imagine green color all around you.
Things to avoid:1- Use black sun glasses in a hot sunny day.2- Do not play a lot of games on your mobile phone.3- Always use TFT or LCD monitors with your computer.4- Watch TV by sitting at least 11 feet away.5- Do not read a book or newspaper in laid position.6- Avoid 3D cinema and playing games with 3D glasses.
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  5. Interesting. Now I know why my eyesight is improving; I love to walk barefoot everywhere.

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  8. @Rhodora Can carrots improve your vision?
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  9. @Wiggles, Only walk barefooted on fresh green grass early in the morning.

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  14. Great tips here! Many of us take our eyesight for granted and to improve it is something we should all be trying to do.


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  16. Carrot juice is always good for you.

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  21. One more thing about walking barefoot (walk on fresh green grass that is full of dew drops early in the morning, before sun rise)

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  32. @Mubah, dark circles around eyes are not related to eye sight, you may have anemia or depression issues.

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