How Can You Take The Drugs in a More Efficient Way | Drugs: Effervescent or Pills?

The tablets do their usual effect in a longer time than liquid treatments. Route of administration which has almost no side effect is local: ointments and creams. Here is a complete list made by a doctor about the best way to take drugs:

Gastric mucosa is specialized in the absorption of various substances they ingest, so they swallow tablets are well assimilated. In addition, there is no risk of contamination, such as when treatment is injected, and management is a method that does not create discomfort, unlike others. Also, in most cases, tablets, capsules (with a covering to protect them until the small intestine) and gelulele (containing fluid) are cheaper than the substances administered in other ways.

The liquid works faster

“Oral medications work in about 30 minutes and maximum effect is reached within two hours, usually. If you want faster action, a better option is the liquid pharmaceutical preparations, effervescent tablets or like gelulele, if these forms of treatment provided, “says Prof. John Fulga, head of the pharmacology of UMF “Carol Davila” in Bucure┼čti.Efectul drug is quickly felt by sublingual administration and, as this area there is a thin mucous membrane, which absorbs substances in minutes, and numerous blood vessels. But repeated sublingual administration can cause irritation or ulceration of the mouth.

Tablets should be taken easily, but have the disadvantage that sometimes affect the lining of the stomach

Variations for sensitive stomach

Oral administration of drugs can affect the stomach and duodenum (first portion of small intestine), causing heartburn and pain us. In such cases, you should find another route of administration of treatments: injection, rectal, inhalation or local. Injectable drugs have the advantage that they absorb the fastest. Intravenous treatments act soon, following the intramuscular, and then the skin.

Medicinal substances administered rectally are absorbed more slowly than oral, but this is the best way for babies and young children to the age at which cooperate with the parents or physicians and can swallow capsules. Treatments that are taken asthma are inhaled and reach exactly the area you need to treat: the lungs. They act in a very short time they reach the bronchi. Another advantage is that the dose of inhaled medicines are less than if they would use the tablets, so that adverse effects are lower.

Local treatments reduced adverse effects

Ointments, solutions and creams tablets and capsules are preferred if there is a choice, because they have the fewest side effects. They can be administered to the skin, ocular, vaginal and ear. Anti-inflammatory ointments, for example, have digestive side effects, such as anti-inflammatory pills. ”Some studies even claim that NSAIDs applied as sprays or ointments are more therapeutically efficient than pills. After administration, avoid sun exposure because it can occur as a side effect, fotodermatita a skin problem that is manifested by the appearance of red spots that itch, “points out Prof. John flakes.

Calcium effervescent or pills?

Effervescent tablets are absorbed within a shorter time than solid.Therefore, in case of hypocalcaemia not requiring emergency intervention (spasmophilia crisis, which requires intravenous administration of calcium), is preferred as the calcium effervescent tablets.

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