How Kidney Donors Can Infect Recipients with HIV

How kidney transplants are infecting recipients with HIV.

          How Kidney Donors Can Infect Recipients With HIV

A kidney transplant recipient was recently infected with HIV from their live donor.  One might ask how can this be possible? Don’t they screen donors before they accept their organ donations?

In actual fact screenings are done for human immunodeficiency virus by live donors before their organ donations can be accepted.
If so, then how is it possible that upon all this screening an organ transplant recipient can still get affected?

For example in 2009 there was also another kidney transplant recipient who was infected with HIV by the live donor even though the usual routine screenings and examinations were done.

The probable reason this is happening is the poor timing when screening living organ donors. Even though donors are screened for HIV and other dangers, the screening can prove to be ineffective because the duration between the donors being screened and actually donating their organ can be quite lengthy and during that time they can get involved in activities that would predispose them to HIV or any form of dangerous transmittable diseases. Therefore it is very vital that screenings are done again moments before the organ recovery and transplant.

The saddest thing about this is the poor recipient who has no pre knowledge of this serious danger. If only doctors could make them aware of the potential disease transmission risks involved.

There is a dire need for the re-examination of the policy on the screening timing on living organ donors.  The living donors should be screened and rescreened again if possible on the same day that the organ transplanting is scheduled to go on.

This would significantly reduce the disease transmission risks present during organ transplanting. If this is not done we are just going to keep on seeing innocent organ recipients being affected with HIV and other diseases due to no fault of theirs. We are all at a risk.

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