How Pregnancy Sickness Changed Me

Pregnancy sickness can be one of the hardest things a woman has to go through. But as difficult as it is, this energy draining period has a good side, and as we all know,it will all be worth it in the end.

Before I got pregnant, I always regard nausea and vomiting as merely signs that I must eagerly observe aside from missing my period. Everytime my friends who got pregnant before me tell stories about how they suffered from pregnancy sickness, I always think of it as occasional vomiting and dizziness. No big deal. Little did I know that my own experience of it will change my view forever.

According to studies, about half percentage of pregnant women suffers from pregnancy sickness. The severity of symptoms,however differs for every woman and for every pregnancy. For most women who experience it,the symptoms usually ease after the first trimester of pregnancy, while for the less lucky ones, symptoms go on beyond the first trimester. Apparently, I’m one of them.

So what exactly does a woman suffering from pregnancy sickness undergoes? My version of pregnancy sickness consists of:

* vomiting

* a significant drop in energy

* a heightened sense of smell and

* stubborn headaches.

Sounds ordinary right? But even from vomiting alone, my life has been literally put to a halt for almost four months. My symptoms began as noticeable feelings of fatigue and bloatedness during my fourth week ( when I was not aware of the pregnancy yet), then it started to roar as full vomiting on my sixth week. Vomiting for atleast 4 times a day has left me miserable and almost lifeless. No food and liquid can stay in my stomach for an hour. I had no desire to eat. I lived on crackers to have something in my stomach that I would not eventually throw out.

My energy is depleted everyday. Its ironic because this is a time when I should be my liveliest self. I had to drag myself out of bed every morning. Taking a shower was real effort for me. Ofcourse ,I was feeling happy and excited for my upcoming baby, but my body just couldnt cooperate with that thought yet.

My heightened sense of smell was also a big factor to my sickness. It triggers my nausea. The slightest smell of food made me vomit. I can very much assure you I could smell everything inside the house. Think about smelling everything in increased intensity. It made me sick and irritable. Because of this, my husband was banned from wearing perfume. If only I could also ban my mother from cooking. The smell of frying foods were the worst!

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