How Soon Can You Feel Pregnancy Symptoms?

How soon can you feel pregnancy symptoms after you have conceived? Well, the results have been confirmed and you will soon start experiencing the symptoms. Read on.

The strip test has shown positive result and you are overwhelmed with the joy of being pregnant. Your gestational period has started and soon the pregnancy symptoms will take their own course. The very thought of a new life springing within you overcomes the minor problems of cramps and pain during pregnancy. The symptoms of pregnancy are experienced one week right after conception, that continues and varies with each passing day.

When do You Feel Pregnancy Symptoms

Normally, women wait for their missed periods to confirm the results. This happens within 2 weeks of conception. Although a blood test and urine test are accurate enough to verify the results within a week, still it’s always advised to wait for at least 20 days to get the correct observations. There’s a marked increase in the level of human chorionic gonadotrophin (hCG) that reaches a figure of 25 mIU/ml during the first and the second week. Presence of this hormone in blood and urine confirms a pregnancy. Moreover, the physical and emotional changes that your body will undergo will also be the effects of secretion of large amounts of hCG and progesterone during pregnancy.

So, how soon can you feel pregnancy symptoms after conception? After one week of conception, the early pregnancy symptoms start gaining prominence. The symptoms will continue throughout the entire first trimester, during which you will undergo a series of physio emotional changes.

Early Pregnancy Symptoms

  • The first sign of pregnancy is a missed period. If you are pregnant you won’t be experiencing menstruation till the birth of your child.
  • You will also undergo similar symptoms like PMS that mainly include nausea and vomiting. These are some of the most evident signs of pregnancy after 1month.
  • Breast tenderness, swollen nipples, darker areola are some physical changes, evident during the first and the second week of pregnancy. Weight gain and water retention makes you feel bloated.
  • During the second and the third week, the uterine lining expands due to which you may experience cramps all over your lower body, especially in abdomen and legs.
  • There’s a certain increase in the body temperature that is normally felt during the morning hours pertaining to ovulation.
  • Apart from all these, morning sickness, fluctuation in appetite, mood swings and frequent urination are common symptoms of pregnancy during the first trimester.

Late Pregnancy Symptoms

  • Late pregnancy symptoms become evident during the second and the third trimester. From the 13 th week you feel heaviness and backaches are most likely to occur.
  • Your womb expands and you might suffer from heartburn due to secretion of acids inside your stomach, during the third trimester. Indigestion, formation of gas inside stomach and lack of appetite are common during the second and the third trimester.
  • You will rapidly gain weight and your uterus will swell during the last few weeks before delivery.
  • Breast growth will continue throughout the gestation period and you might also notice regular vaginal discharge during the period of 30th to 40th week.
  • The last week of the pregnancy is quite crucial and Braxton Hicks contractions gain prominence followed by labor pain.

The early signs, like morning sickness gradually disappear with passing days while tiredness, fatigue and body pain become more prominent later during the second and third trimester.

I hope this article, ‘how soon can you feel pregnancy symptoms’ has given you important information about the changes that your body will undergo both physically and mentally during pregnancy.

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