How to be Fat & Happy

A guide for those who want to eat food and enjoy life.

With all of the constant whining that we lose weight, and that we can lose it without any hard work or diet (yeah, right), we can sometimes lose sight of the reasons why it pays to be fat and happy. Reason Number one?


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You enjoy it, right? So it eat! Eat it and be happy! Enjoy one of life’s greatest pleasures. Whoever said “Life’s too short to skip dessert” knew what they were talking about.

Of course there are other reasons to be fat and happy, one of which is…


The next time you go to the beach, would you rather being doing this…

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or be doing this?

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Of course, some people love working out all the time. More power to them! Let them enjoy doing what they enjoy. For the rest of us, doesn’t it just feel good to be lazy once in a while? Sure it does. That’s another one of life’s little pleasures. Think of great you’d feel if you got to relax and just be lazy more often.

One of the supposed disadvantages of being fat is that you will supposedly be less attractive. Not at all.


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Many women (and, of course, many men) are perfectly capable of being curvaceous and attractive. Dimensions Magazine is an example of one online community that specializes in appreciating the big & the beautiful. Learn to love the skin you’re in!

And, finally, the number one reason why it’s great to be fat & happy.


Deep down, you know that those who really care about you will love you no matter what size you are. This is your life, enjoy it. Enjoy your food, your relaxation, and find people who will appreciate you for who you are, not what you look like. That’s where real love is to be found.

So, what do YOU think? Leave me a comment on how you feel about being fat & happy.

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  1. I married a chubby lass. Its been nearly thirty years and she’s necver lost a pound – probably gained 25-30. I’ve never tired of telling her she’s still beautiful.

  2. I myself married a light BHM in August and I myself am not attracted to small men, but hey whatever floats someone’s boat, as long as it’s legal. I like when my hubby eats, it makes him happy and keeps his soft little belly nice and full. I think it’s possible to be fat (or chubbby, like my hubby) myself, just make sure to get regular exercise and don’t look at impossibly skinny movie stars, musicians, athletes and models as role models or your self-esteem will plummet.

    I mean, how happy is Sascha Gerstner (Helloween guitarist, look him up to answer my questions, please.) when he works out 5 hours a day and then worries about his (obviously nonexistant) weight problem. Do you think this much worrying is healthy? If you are a woman, ask yourself if you think Lindsay Lohan is happy or healthy? My instincts say “Hell no!!” This girl has been to rehab so many times she probably has stock in The Betty Ford Clinic. And let’s not even count how many times she’s been pulled, half-cocked out of a club she was too young to be in anyway.

    “Herbie: Fully Loaded” should’ve been called “Lindsay: Fully Loaded” with her little problem. But, back to my original point, fat or skinny, white or black, gay or straight we all have to learn to love ourselves or go crazy. Either learn to love yourself or keep going down the “Celebrities are better than me” road like so many people (like me, in the past) go down daily and end up miserable and depressed because they can never emulate what they see.

    I’m so glad I finally got to do something like this, because it has totally cured my writers’ block and I hope that I’ve shed some sanity on a very personal issue to people, and although I didn’t like what you wrote about big people being lazy, because my hubby is anything but lazy. I’ve seen just as many thin people be lazy as fat people. (In fact, for every lazy fat person I’ve met, I’ve also met a lazy skinny one.) This being said, other than the jibes about food and laziness, this was a very good article

  3. I always find comments like that very revealing and phony especially coming from those who pretend to promote “size acceptance” : “and find people
    who will appreciate you for who you are, not what you look like”.
    So this does mean that fat is unattractive because people will sort of “overlook” your fatness and appreaciate your personality ?! So your “fat” women are ugly but get appreciated for what they “really are” ??!!
    And in how far do statements like that make women feel attractive and beautiful if they are actually getting treated as if people like them would get appreciated despite their looks and as if they were not good looking ???#
    You know : life and people are much more complex than that.
    There are a lot of guys who like chubby women for quite the wrong reasons : because they think they would be less conceited, because they think they would be more harmless, they think they wouldnt leave them so easily because they think most guys wouldnt like them anyway and because they need the feeling that they would be different from others.
    And exactly those guys will use a bbw party as an opportunity to fish for insecure chubby women who think guys dont like their looks anyway and who will fall for a demon who tells them “hey most guys dont like you but I truly appreciate you”
    A lot of guys need “fat” women for their narcissism.
    And actually liking a chubby woman for her looks only is just as superficial as liking a thin woman for her looks only.
    But liking a chubby woman because you actually think all chubby women had the same personalities and wouldnt be as self confident and prissy as thin women is much much worse than that.
    You know : the worst statements I heard about the chubby topic actually came from people who think they would be bbw lovers.
    You are liars and you are hypocrites.

  4. lolwat

  5. There’s room for everyone. Why do people seem to have the idea that it’s ONLY the thin who are allowed to be happy? and that implication that fat automatically equals lazy is stupid! There are skinny people who do not exercise and they stay thin because of a steady diet of coffee and cigarettes..and some are on meth. think about that one for a bit.

  6. My big, fat boyfriend taught me that it’s definitely possible to be fat and happy. He used to be skinny. He used to work out a lot and watch what he ate. He hated it, so he stopped and promptly packed on 100 pounds (and counting!) He doesn’t mind having to shop at Big and Tall shops one bit, he’s living the way he wants to and it makes him happy. He’s much more handsome and sexy than when he was skinny and he gets hit on by women all the time despite being nearly 300 pounds. Living with someone who loves food that much, I’ve definitely gained a bit myself (thank god for tunic tops, right?) but he’s showed me it doesn’t matter. I love him, I love his big belly, and it’s helped me love my own burgeoning muffin top too!

  7. thank you for being so optimistic about obesity…
    i have been feeling disparaged about my own weight, although i have lost twenty lbs.. recently, (exercising an hour a day) I have a thyroid disease that ensures that I am going too be almost three hundred lbs for life!! I was stopped in the mall the other day by a man, who called me a fatty fat fatty, even though i guarantee i exercise more a day then he does, he was probally thirty years old… I experienced this immaturity when i was in public school, and I am genuinely mortified that this level of bigotry is acceptable in our society. I am trying too feel better about myself, i went too the internet and googled pro fat, all i found was fad diets, and I found a plus size beauty queen competition in britain with all these negative rude and dispicable comments associated with the news article, all about size.. ( i even found a killfatpeople,.com site…) but what i couldnt find was something that just made me feel good for being me, so thank you for being unique and right.

    I want the world too love me, and accept me for what I am an un-apologetic brilliant sexy fat girl!

  8. I completely agree with the message of this article. Sure if you love working out, good for you. But why waste your time not appreciating yourself and doing things you don’t like?

  9. I so agree, when I married my second husband 11 years ago I was a size 6, now I am now a size 22. I knew when I got Breast cancer 2 years ago and lost my breasts that my husband still LOVED I am no breasts, and overweight and so ( I thought) unattractived to my hubby, BOY! was I wrong! he calls be BEAUTIFUL EVERY DAY, just like he did when I was a sickening size 6…showed me SIZE DOES NOT MATTER..It’s whats INSIDE you that does.

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