How to Beat the Common Cold?

Common cold is named so, as the cold is very common, how to prevent and get relieved naturally.

Almost everyone suffers from a cold once in a year, but few may have frequent colds. It is great to know ways to protect yourself and fight against cold if you have one.

Infection of throat, nose and sinus are the common symptoms. Common cold is an air borne infection. About 250 types viruses are known to cause cold. This is reason why common colds are so common.

Symptoms of common cold lasts just few days to a week. No medication is generally required. It is body’s way to raise the immunity.

Ways to prevent a cold:

  • Wash hands often: Try to wash your hands often. If you are returning home from outdoors, make sure to clean your hands once you enter. Doorknobs, lift buttons and places you may frequently hold may become spots to transfer germs to your hands. Also wash your hands every time you cough and sneeze. Use soaps or hand washing liquids to wash your hands. If you are unable to find soaps, at least wash hands in plain water.
  • Dispose the tissues immediately once you have used it. Do not carry it along with you. Then try to wash hands.
  • Allow fresh air to circulate in your rooms often. Allow the sunlight to fall into the rooms if possible. Sunlight could kill germs. More over, staying indoors in closed rooms could cause the cold to spread faster.
  • Try to eat a nutritious well balanced diet everyday. Get enough sleep and exercise to keep your body fit.
  • If you know that it is a flu season, avoid going in public places if your immunity is low. Get a flu shot if required.

Ways to be relieved of symptoms:

  • Sore throat: Just gargle with mildly warm salt water. Try to have a ginger tea to sooth the throat.
  • Nasal congestion: Just inhale steam. Add a spoon of menthol vaporub available over the counter. Do this 2-3 times a day. To avoid nasal congestion from disturbing your sleep at night, apply the vaporub on chest and inhale the steam. Try doing it just for a day or two only.
  • Drink plenty of water. It helps to loosen up the phlegm and recover from cold easily.
  • Gently blow your noses to clear the nostril blockage. Dispose the tissues and wash your hands without spreading germs.
  • Try to take soups like chicken or green peas soup with plenty of pepper. This can sooth the throat and boost your immunity. Added to it increase the intake of vitamin C by taking fruit juices like orange.


  • Normally cold medications are not needed. Simple home remedies may do the trick. Avoid using medications if possible.
  • Pain reliever medications: Many people use pain medications like (commercially named panadol, Tylenol) for cold symptoms like headache, sore throat and blocked nose. Use it carefully. Never exceed the dosage limit. Excess of these medications can cause liver damage. Avoid using aspirin.
  • Cough medications: Cough syrups normally make the cough to last longer. It may provide instant relief but cold may be prolonged. Use it carefully and never exceed the daily dosage.
  • Decongestant drops and nasal sprays: Do not use it more than three days in any case. It may cause inflammation of the mucus membrane causing side effects.
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