How to Boost Memory

Here are seven ways on how to boost memory and prevent memory loss. Learn these tips on how to boost memory so you can prevent memory loss.

As we age, certain parts of our body aren’t functioning well like they did before. The most common problem is our memory. There are many people who suffer from clouded memory or even memory loss. But memory loss does not just affect the elderly; it can happen to anyone of any age. It can be something as simple as where we put the car keys or forgetting an appointment for your dentist. If it happens occasionally, we may just have too much in mind, but if it’s an ongoing problem, it is something we need to address.

Minor memory lapses that occur with age are normal and are not usually an indication of a serious condition like dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. Some gerontologists liken the lapses to information overload-when our mental computers temporarily run out of storage space. It happens.

According to the book, “Uncommon Cures for Everyday Ailments”, we can help boost our memory and helps prevent memory loss by taking the following suggestions and tips.

Tips on how to Boost Memory and Prevent Memory Loss

1.) Try ginkgo biloba supplementsto boost- Follow package directions. This enhances blood flow to the brain and may help boost memory and prevent memory loss.

2.) Exercise regularly, to boost blood flow to Boost It-  throughout the body. Better blood flow to your brain has been shown to give a boost to mental function. This is one of the tips to boost memory and prevent memory loss.

3.) Ask your doctor about taking phosphatidylserine to Boost It – a fatty substance that has been shown to halt memory loss (and at times improve memry) in those who have sufferedsuch deterioration. Suggested dosage is 200 to 300 mg per day, but it may take a few months to notice improvement. This is another tips to boost memory and prevent memory loss.

Note: If your doctor is not familiar with phosphatidylserine,

he or she may want to substituteL-acetyl carnitine, an amino acid, as a

Three-times-a-day supplement (500 to 1,000mg

In each dose). This is another tips to boost memory and prevent memry loss.

4.) Eat foods high in Zinc or take supplements to Boost It- When people age, they may suffer

nutritional deficiencies for the first time. Either their eating habits decline somewhat, or their bodies are less efficient at processing and absorbing nutrients. That is one reason why

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