How to Break a Starbucks Addiction

Are you a closet Starbucks addict? Well, help is on the way. This is how to overcome your Starbucks dependence and get to Belize at the same time.

When you travel, do you feel out of place until you see the familiar Starbucks logo shining in the distance? Unfortunately, a Starbucks addiction can be expensive .Those $4.00 specialty drinks really add up if you drink them on a daily basis. Other than entering therapy, is there an easy way to give up your Starbucks coffee addiction. Never fear! Help for the Starbucks addict is on its way. Here’s how to break your Starbucks addiction and save your hard earned money at the same time:

Admit You’re Addicted

They say the first step towards healing an addiction is to admit you’re addicted in the first place .Stop telling yourself you’re pulling in to Starbucks to use the bathroom or to hook up to your computer to their wi-fi. Remember, they’re charging you for that wi-fi when there are so many places that give it to you free. Look at yourself in the Starbucks bathroom mirror and admit you’re there for the coffee or that high calorie Frappuccino. Congratulations! You admitted you have a problem.

Tell Yourself It’s Just Coffee

Break your Starbucks addiction down to its simplest form. What are you really addicted to? The reality is that what Starbucks is serving you is just coffee. In fact, you can probably make a better cup of coffee at home or get a less expensive cup at an independent coffee store. When you get right down to it, you’re probably addicted to the Starbucks brand and the idea of carrying around a fashionable Starbucks coffee cup. The truth is you’d be better off buying a really good looking coffee mug and carry that around instead. It’s a lot cheaper.

Do The Math

Be honest with yourself. If you’re buying a specialty coffee drink everyday at $4.00 a pop, you’re throwing away $120.00 a month. That comes out to $1440 per month on anyone’s calculator. Sit down and daydream about what you could do with that $1440 you’re blowing on overpriced coffee beans and a rather nondescript green and black logo. Doesn’t Belize sound better?

Do It Yourself

Those super automatic espresso machines may be expensive, but they pay for themselves very quickly at the prices Starbucks charges. Plus, they’re quick and easy to use. You can make specialty coffee drinks to your hearts content. Save a Starbucks cup or mug and pour it your better tasting homemade cappuccino into there and no one will ever know you didn’t visit Starbucks. Heck, you can go drink it at Starbucks if you want and laugh at the people handing over their hard earned dollars to corporate America.

Consider The Calorie Savings

There’s nothing low calorie about Starbucks specialty drinks. Focus on the two hours of treadmill jogging you’re going to have to do to work off those extra Starbucks calories. Is it worth really worth two hours of brow drenching treadmill activity in a gym full of sweaty, smelly people to enjoy twenty minutes sucking down a coffee drink? Chances are even for a hardened Starbucks addict, it’s not.

There you have it. Five ways to help you curb that Starbucks coffee addiction once and for all. If you’re a Starbucks addict, heed this advice and you can be Starbucks free in a matter of weeks and cavorting on a beach in Belize instead.

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  1. Sorry, but this is a load of crap. For example: “Those super automatic espresso machines may be expensive, but they pay for themselves very quickly at the prices Starbucks charges.”

    You buy some piece of junk like the Tassimo. It will take you over 140 espressos before you can come to breaking even on the investment. And even at that, you’re drinking the Tassimo version of Starbucks with pre-ground, stale beans. So the coffee is pretty lame. Add that you are doing the manual labor instead of a Starbucks employee doing it for you. Then add the costs of upkeeping and cleaning the equipment regularly… are you really saving anything?

    Particularly when you then notice the time investment plus the lower quality coffee — wouldn’t you rather pay someone else to do it, and for better coffee? Sure enough, that Tassimo machine ends up in the dumpster and you’re back at square one.

    Save yourself the headache: don’t buy more landfill because some crackpot tells you it’s going to save you money in the end.

  2. i love starbucks no matter whaaat!!

  3. I’ve been addicted to going to Starbuck’s for awhile now. I LOVE STARBUCK’S! I’m crazy for it. Hot drinks…cold drinks…as long as it’s from Starbuck’s! I go once a day sometimes twice. My husband grinds Starbuck’s whole bean Pike Place Roast every single morning…do I drink it? Nope I still go to Starbuck’s…something about it. I do the drive thru mostly.

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