How to Correct Condom Use


Condoms are contraceptives and prevention of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) that attracted many folks here. additionally to a budget worth, condoms are simply obtainable.

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Since the most perform of the condom may be a tool for contraceptives and prevention of contracting venereal disease, it’s necessary to notice the proper thanks to wear a condom.

Tips for selecting Condoms
Prior to use, select a condom that matches you best, per the subsequent criteria:

Choose condoms that work the scale of your penis. the proper size is very important for comfort throughout lovemaking and in fact the effectiveness of the condom itself.

-Try totally different Brands
Try totally different brands and kinds of condoms to search out that one is easier and applicable for you and your partner. though it’s identical, however every condom contains a material, a distinct texture and luxury.

How to Use Condoms
After finding condoms that work, it’s time you employ a condom. Here are the steps:

- Open the condom wrapper slowly. Tear on the sides. don’t tear the condom wrapper within the middle, as a result of it will injury the condom was within.

- Use a condom when erection is slowly crammed by rolling it up to the bottom of the penis.

- If the condom doesn’t have the area placeholders, concerning one centimeter so as to drag the semen deposited there. additionally avoid the entry of air within the empty areas, therefore as to not injury the condom.

- Post-ejaculation, immediately take away the condoms before your penis limp. Hold the bottom of the condom together with your fingers, so as to forestall sperm from spilling or seeping.

- don’t haphazardly throw the used condom, to avoid sexually transmitted diseases.

That is a way to select and use a condom is nice and right that blog writing tips Health and summarized from varied sources. Tips’nya hopefully helpful for you and your pairs.

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