How to Cure Myopia (Nearsightedness)

This will show you how to cure myopia without the uses of lenses or laser surgery.

How it works:

Nearsightedness or myopia happens when the light that comes in your eye is focused in front of the retina. (Shown in figure1) In the normal eye Light that comes in your eye should be going in to your retina.(figure2) That’s how your brain receives a message of what things are like. For example if someone sees a tramp or hobo on the street they would identify that person as a hobo.

(figure1)(Figure 2)

Why it happens:

Most causes of myopia can be doing close work for a long period of time or strain the muscles in your eye. When the muscles in your eyes are strained they tend to stay locked up. When the muscle locks up the other parts of the eye tend to relax. That stretches the eye. (Its like if you have an elastic band and tie it on one side of a water bottle and pull on the other it tends to stretch. hats why light only focuses in the front of the retina instead. The more you have your eyes strained the more your eye is going to stretch. That’s when you need to renew your subscription for higher powered glasses.

How glasses help:

Glasses are used to concentrate more light to the eye. Thus increasing the length of the light that is focused. So it’s aimed into the retina again. But glasses will only increase the degrees of myopia. Heres why: when a person has myopia there eye lens seem to be locked up. When the lenses are locked up myopia happens. But wearing glasses will make the eye muscles stay locked up. This increases the degrees of myopia. So glasses or contacts are never a good choice.

The cure:

The main step to curing myopia is to relax your eye muscles so they do not stay locked up.(like a elastic if you let go of it the elastic will return to its original shape)But that takes time. You have to be patient for that to happen.


Take off your glasses first. 


The eye, like any sensory input, relies on change. Have you never been surprised of the sudden calm when you switch off your computer? You didn’t notice the amount of noise it produced, it was in the background, and your brain was not noticing it because it was there all the time. It’s only when a change occurred that you could tell. The same goes for the eye. It can’t see the same thing for long (maybe 2 to 4 seconds) before the image fades. The problem is that people who don’t see well tend to lock on a point and force to see it. They keep the same image on the retina. In short: they stare. This is doomed from the start. Just try to look without moving the eye and head at all at a point. After enough time, you’ll notice that your vision blurs, that your eyes hurt, that it feels uncomfortable. Then look around a bit, relax, and look at the point again. You’ll see it much more clearly.

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  1. ummm good informations and steps ~

  2. ok
    i have myopia and i wear glases. but if i take the glases off me , would my myopia level go worse or would it stay the level it is ?

  3. I have myopia and I wear glasses but I really want to cure it! The steps arent spisific to me but I’ll get the hang of it

  4. I have myopia, -3.75 and -3.5 respectively. i deperately need to cure them. i have been following eye exercise regime religiously for the past 2 months, i noticed a slight improvement but after my school started my eyesight reverted back to its original state because i had to wear glasses during class. is there any way to cure it even while i occasionally wear glassses?

  5. jane:
    It depends how much strain you put on the eyes
    Try to only wear glasses while its an emergency or if you absolutely have to.Its hard at first but it’ll get easier.
    try to palm every time you have the chance.I had -6.00 mypoia 2 years ago.I couldn’t even see the board from the first row.(high school).Now I have almost perfect vision -0.50

  6. hey friends.if you want more info on how to cure mypoia look up
    the bates method in google

  7. i have myopia but i need more information.i am from changkat primary school from 5f.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. You might get more hits on this if you were to spell it “myopia”. It’s helpful information, especially your suggestion about the Bates Method. Thanks.

  9. I been nearsighted for long time. It seems it gets worse every year if I dont wear my glasses or wear them. Every time I go to the eye doctor its seems to get worse, My left eye is good and my right eye is really worse then before. When I dont wear them my eyes and my head dont hurt, but if I put them on they start to hurt. I try everything and nothing works for me. Also, they tell me to wear when I need them. Then they change their stoire, that I have to wear all the time. What should I do?

  10. what you mean when you say:
    It’s better to have your eyes cured slowly then immediately improve but have a huge drawback.

  11. Thks for the info. I use -6.50 for both eyes and i’m 23. I’ll follow each step meticulously, i believe my sight’ll improve.

  12. Wow. Really is this stuff true? I’ve had glasses for as long as I remember and it doesn’t help at all? I wish it also explained a bit about LASIK

  13. My friend who has worn glasses since she was in 2nd grade had her myopic eyes cured because of corrective glasses. I also have noticed that my grade seems to increase because I do not wear my glasses that much.
    Wearing glasses also increase wrinkles around my eyes because my myopia makes me squint and glare like some weird person :) )
    It also makes people think I have astigmatism because of the movements I do when I cannot see clearly. =)) So I guess glasses are alright.

  14. i’m 15 and i have -0.5 and -0.25 myopia .Do you think my eyes will be cured ??.i hate the glasses and i think the more time passes the worse my sight gets. the doctor said that i can’t cure myopia .

  15. hi.. im 13 turning 14 tom.. its almost one yr since i started wearing glasses.. It started with -2.5 and -2.75 myopia… I broke my glasses before christmas vacation so i have to wear no glasses the whole vacation when we get back to school as usual i need my glasses in my studying so we went to the doctor tp make me another glasses and this time it got up to -2.75 and -3.0 myopia. I dont want wearing glasses how could i cure it…

  16. like the people above i also have nearsighteness ,i ve been trying for a couple of weeks(4weeks) some of these exercise that i ‘ve also seen in other pages , though the improvement is minimum (almost nothing) i believe that with time the sight will improve goal is to have 20/20 despite the advance is quite slow

  17. to be honest i have been practicing this exercise for a month and i haven’t seen a significant improvement in my vision, now i have read many eye exercises for miopya and they all say that we have to practice de IN AND OUT eyes exercise , the THREE CUPS METHOD and PERIPHERIAL MOVEMENT for 25 minutes every day to strengthen the eyes muscles that will reshape the eye to it round form …i don’t know if all of this is true or just a waste of time what i can tell you is that i am going to continue practicing this exercise for a year and then i will post something to SAY THE TRUTH ABOUT THIS ,,.. IF THIS REALLY HELP US TO GET 20/20 VISION OR IF ITS A FAKE …I WILL SAY IT!!

  18. so i was born near-sighted.. and sadly.. my vision has gotton worse.. so right now my vision is -9.5 and -8.0
    so how do i improve my eyesight then..? cause when i take off my glasses.. i cant see anything… =(
    and another thing i wanna know is that do using computer or electronic devices have anything to do with worsening myopia..?

  19. i am 13 year old girl turning to 14.. i have myopia since i was 9 years old.. now my vision is -0.18 and -1.35
    i hate glasses and i really need to cure my myopia.. how can i find an easy way to cure myopia?

  20. Hey, I am suffering from myopia since 3 years now. It started out as -0.75 for my left eye and -1 for my right eye and now 3 years later its become -1.25 for my right eye and -1.75 for the left one. I REALLY want to cure this, and I believe I worsened them because of using the computer for a VERY long period. But I want to fix this now. Ive learnt from my mistake so I deserve a chance!
    I\’ll be looking forward to \”a myopic trying to improve\”\’s post! Hope this works, good luck!

  21. ive suffered also from this cyrse…i hope this thing works…thnks for the pose…they are all looking down on our ROTC class…but i showed them…hahaha

  22. in how many days my -0.5D will be cured by this exercise(centeraziation)

  23. hello everyone. the key is to relax your eyes, but this can be difficult because there are so many small muscles in and near them. i’ve been working on my own vision for two years now, and while it’s not completely better, i do see more clearly. sometimes perfectly clearly. i started at -3.00 and now wear -1.50 or none at all. the key is to relax and realize that it may take quite a while to become better.

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