How to Get Rid of Nausea

Natural remedies are available to everyone so we can use them when we have no trouble.

If you’re sick and do not want to turn to drugs, you can successfully use ingredients you have in your kitchen as you heal.

First, find out what makes you this way. It is a migraine? Something you ate? Flu or allergies? Pregnancy? Once you know what it is and you’ll know how to handle. The stalk of the All Women offers some natural remedies against the state of nausea.

Ginger is used by at least 2,000 years and can be taken during pregnancy. You can take ginger capsules or make your drink. It is used to combat fever, cold and menstrual cramps.

Nausea can be treated with peppermint tea that is mint syrup. You can also eat candy mint. Although not as strong work for minor cases of sickness.

Caraway seeds are recommended for nausea. It is a powerful remedy, but worth a try when nothing else seems to work.

They say that pregnant women get rid of nausea when eating wheat germ. You can sprinkle on cereal, ice cream, and vegetables. It will be hardly noticeable! Wheat germ can be eaten with fruit purees.

If you can bear the smell of apples and honey vinegar has many uses. You can get rid of nausea if you add a little vinegar in tea or mix it with water and honey.

And get rid of nausea by pressing on pressure points, which are located between the thumb and forefinger, near the elbow and biceps tendon below the knee or the inside of the wrist.

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