How to Prepare Your Own Cold Cream

Make Your Own Cold cream at home with this simple formula! Leave your skin smooth and remove makeup easily with this formula. Got blistered or sore spots on your skin? Well this can easily take care of that problem!

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Preparation Time: 10-15 minutes


  •  1 ounce (28.35 grams = 4 Carmex containers) Carmex – (beeswax + other active ingredients)
  • 6 tablespoons light mineral oil
  •  4 tablespoons distilled water
  •  1 tablespoon borax (laundry Borax is fine but use conservative amounts or little less than 1 tablespoon)

**Alternate Ingridients can be added to add variety to your cold cream. You can easily do this by adding Beeswax pellets instead of Carmex (in the same proportion) and you can add different smells to your cold cream by adding various essential oils and oil based scents**


  • In a steel or clean glass dish, combine the Carmex (solid) and mineral oil.
  • Gently heat this solution and stir it until melted and well blended. While this is melting, dissolve your borax in the distilled water and heat it gently. You can heat the borax with distilled water in a microwave if you choose but make sure you do not boil it.
  • Remove both solutions from their respective heat sources, and while stirring constantly slowly add your distilled water and borax solution into your wax and oil solution.
  • When these two solutions are fully combined, begin to stir until it has cooled and becomes more thicker and white (like a cream appearance).
  • You may continue to stir until your cream is light and airy. Store this a in clean contained and in the refrigerator for best shelf life (can last 2-3 weeks).


This preparation will make a simple cold cream which is water in oil emulsion. The mineral oil used in this preparation is used as part of the oil phase of the preparation while the distilled water is part of the aqueous phase. The beeswax and borax together react and acts as the emulsifier and the borax should be the coloring agent that makes the whole cold cream white in nature. The Borax also acts as a mild preservative and when stored properly in the refrigerator, it will last for 3-6 weeks. The beeswax in this preparation can be seen as the active ingredient since I used Carmex as my beeswax. Carmex is made from beeswax and is intended for cold sores and is an external analgesic. It has 1.7% Camphor, 0.7% Menthol, and 0.4% Phenol as the active ingredients which serve to provide the fragrance, the cooling effect and the external analgesic effect. Menthol and Phenol also have antiseptic properties which can help the skin heal and rejuvenate faster. Carmex also has Beeswax, cetyl esters, petrolatum, lanolin, paraffin, coco butter and salicylic acid as the inactive ingredients. Coco butter is a natural emollient so it helps the skin from being dried out and lanolin can provide greater stability since it’s an absorbent base. All of these inactive ingredients provide greater stability to my cold cream. With Carmex in my cold cream formulation, it not only holds the moisture in the skin and rejuvenates the dry skin; it also provides a cooling effect on the skin and a numbing effect on sore spots on the skin or damaged areas which can provide patients with slight pain relief. Essentially, my cold cream is the perfect cold cream for all occasions. Smooth and easy to apply to the skin, it provides great analgesic effect while providing the ultimate cooling effect and a sweet fragrance that will cure any dry or chapped skin conditions, sores and provide relief to suffering patients.

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  1. This is very valuable for women. Less toxic substances, more affordable. Great.

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