How to Prevent Sand Fly Bites

Sand fly bites are most irritating.

Many insects bite humans and of all,  the most irritating bite is from a sand fly.  Commonly known as biting midge or sand fly, of the thousand varied the one that interest the most is the Ceratopogonidae. The mouth parts of this sand fly pierces and blood sucks, only the female is responsible for feeding on blood.

The bite  often occurs before the victim even knows of the risks, a very small insect and can hardly be seen. You will only notice this after many hours, the itching progresses and becomes irritating.

The female feeds on the blood to get the protein from its victim, for the egg laying process, the saliva is injected into you, in Australia sand flies are problematic, but don’t transmit diseases, but in Phillipines it can be a problem.

At sunrise and sunset it is a  major problem with sand flies, this may affect people more than others, not every one reacts in the same way, by the irritating bite.

If you are exposed to these insects best is to cover your legs, and ankles the most targeted spots, like the hands, arms and face.

You should try natural remedies that work for you, clean and disinfect the bite stay in breezy places sand flies don’t like the breeze, use dark coloured clothing, and  know the times of the sand flies when they come out to bite.

Try soap, calamine lotion, rub with garlic, baking soda and water mixed, Ibuprofen Gel, vinegar and Steroid creams.

Note that sand fly fever is often misdiagnosed with a whooping cough, sinusitis and a common cold.

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