How to Reduce The Chance of Getting a Bathing Suit Rash:

Lets be honest, we all get them… but we don’t have to!

Its swimsuit season, and uts time to hit the beach, but maybe some of us have hit it for too hard and a rash is forming. So, how do you prevent a rash if you’re prone to getting them? You should rub vaseline or any type of lubricant on the area where the rash would form on you (usually inner thigh or crotch), and the part of the bathing suit that rubs up against that area (f.y.i. these methods work with any type of rash caused by something rubbing your skin). You could also put a piece if duct tape on the fabric (or on the skin you really want too), this works if you want to sew a piece of fabric that doesn’t chaff you skin to the bathing suit, I would not recommend sewing a piece if fabric onto your skin though. If worst comes to worst you can always spit on the area if you feel a rash coming. Now if you already have a rash and you’re looking for a quick fix, the vaseline can be used to treat it, but the best cure, is letting it heal, and not getting any fabric wet if you have a rash. If you always get rashes, find out if the bathing suit you’re wearing causes rashes for you before hand, and not 1 o’clock on a 94 degree day on the beach. Wash out all that sand and salt if you just got out of the ocean too. Be safe and enjoy your summer rash free!

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