How to Sleep Better in a Noisy Environment

Getting restful sleep is sometimes difficult when there is traffic noise, pets and children in the house, phones ringing, or just a snoring partner. Lack of sleep can make you grouchy and less productive the next day. These steps can help you overcome a noisy environment to get the rest you need.

   Make sure you are ready to go to sleep. Eliminate stimulants after lunch such as coffee, tea, or caffeinated drinks if you find yourself jittery in the evening or have trouble relaxing at bedtime. Also, stay away from sugary items like ice cream before bed. They make it harder for you to fall asleep as well.


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Close off your bedroom as much as possible from interruptions like children or pets. Explain that you really need to rest and that you don’t want to be disturbed. An understanding spouse or partner can help with this. Teens are often on a late schedule and don’t realize how much noise they make at night.  Talk with them and ask them to be aware of the volume of phone calls, music and tv in the evening when family members are trying to sleep.


Some people can sleep anywhere!

If you have a phone in your bedroom, turn off the ringer at night.  Portable devices like cell phones or Blackberries should be turned off or left in another room to minimize interruptions.

You can buy foam earplugs cheaply in Walmart, Home Depot, or any outdoor supply store. These are my secret weapon in getting restful sleep. Each pair can be used for a week or more until they wear out and won’t expand anymore. Make sure your alarm is close to your head when using earplugs or is set loud enough to be heard through them.

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White noise is helpful to block outside noises that could wake you.  You can tune a radio or television to a station with just static for this purpose.  Once you find a suitable station, adjust the volume to the level you need.  If you have trouble sleeping in a noisy hotel room, turn the climate control on fan if possible to provide a soothing white noise hum. A bathroom exhaust fan may help also.

Additional Tips:

- Blocking out light sources in addition to noise helps induce sleep if light is an issue. A sleep mask is useful, but a black sock works just as well in a pinch.

- White noise machines or CDs are available online. Just Google ‘white noise CD’ for several options.

- White noise can be especially helpful to get a baby to sleep. 

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