How to Stay Motivated to Get in Shape

Fifteen tips on keeping yourself working towards your fitness goals.

A lot of people would like to be a little thinner, lose some extra flab, or be more muscular but reaching these goals takes time and motivation can be hard to come by. Sometimes just wanting it isn’t enough so here are some ideas to stay motivated to get in shape for those of you in need of a little push.

1.      Buy an outfit in the size that you want to be. Try the outfit on every week to see how close you’re getting (or how far you’ve strayed.)

2.      Post a picture of yourself naked or in your underwear on your fridge.

3.      Post the same photo in front of your treadmill or other exercising device.

4.      Have a friend commit to getting in shape with you. An exercise buddy can help keep you on track.

5.      Get a personal trainer to keep pushing you towards fitness.

6.      Monitor your progress. Witnessing results for yourself can be a huge help in getting excited to keep working.

7.      Keep track of calories burned. Knowing how many calories you’ve worked off gives the satisfaction of seeing how your work has paid off.

8.      Exercise during your favorite television show.

9.      Exercise while reading a good book.

10.   Keep trying new and unique exercise methods to keep you going.

11.   Set goals for yourself.

12.   Exercise for a cause – Find a community group.

13.   Make it into competition with a friend (Race each other on foot, bicycle, etc.)

14.   Surround yourself with people that are fit and healthy.

15.   Alternate your exercise routines to find the ones that you find work for your needs and are a lot of fun.

Staying motivated and on track while trying to get in shape is important, but don’t push yourself too hard. If you’re in excessive pain or feel a sense of extreme fatigue then you should stop and take a break. Make sure that you keep yourself on a healthy diet and drink plenty of water. Good luck and have a great workout!

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