How to Take Care of Tired Feet

Feet is often one of the most neglected parts of our body. The moment we wake up in the morning from our bed until we go to bed at night, our feet are being used constantly, non-stop the whole day everyday.

We all take care of our body especially our face, hair, neck, ears, teeth, nails, etc but are we taking good care of our feet too? It is very important that we should take care of our feet just like the other parts of our body. Our feet needs care and pampering too. Long hours of standing or walking makes our feet tired and swollen. Uncomfortable shoes makes the situation even worse. We should never ignore our pain but help to soothe out the pain before it worsens. There are many pain relieving ointments available in the market and applying them on your tired and swollen feet might help you a lot for the moment but let me tell you, the pain will be back because this solution is not permanent. It is just a temporary relieve.

Taking care of your aching feet can be done at home itself. Here are some tips to get rid of swollen and tired feet naturally:

1. Dip your feet under the bucket of hot warm water with handfuls of salt dissolved in it for about 30 minutes. This will help to ease out the pain. Make sure that the water is not too hot otherwise it can burn your skin. When you are done, massage your feet gently with any hydrating cream or foot lotion and put on socks if you want to.

2. Try picking up marbles from the floor with your toes curled around them. This helps to relax tired feet and aching toes.

3. Run glycerin on tired feet before going to bed and the next morning you will find them fresh and supple.

4. Flat footed folk, always exercise your soles daily. Walk on tiptoes.

5. One of the suggested remedy against tired feet and aching toes is curl toes around the rung of the chair and uncurl repeatedly.

6. The most important tip, always wear the right kind of shoe that fits you well. The right size of the shoe is very important especially towards the toes. Make sure your toes are not squeezed and they fit you perfectly.

You depend on your feet everyday, so take care of your feet just like the other organs of your body!

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  3. Also get ur spouse to massage them ;)

  4. Surely, our feet deserves some pampering. Thanks for the tips.

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