How to Test a Condom Before Using?

Most of the couple use this condom while doing sex cause this is the best protection while doing sex and avoid sex transferred diseases.It is very important to check condom whether it is ok or have some leakage.

Below are some techniques by which you can test a condom:

1.       First of all check the expiry date of the condom packet.It is surely on the packet .If it is not there then do not use it.

2.       Check the condition of the packet whether it is good or not.

3.       If it was preserved in the wallet then check whether any damage is made on the packet or not.

4.       Check the rubber after putting out it from the packet.

5.       Check it again after wearing it whether any leakage is having or not.

6.       Do not try to check it filling with water or by putting air in it.Then you will not be able to check it.

Actually there is no way through which you will be 100% sure that the condom is perfect or not.But very high checking is made while producing condom.So,the best way is if you have doubt then just throw it.

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