How to Treat Epididymitis

For many men Epididymitis is a very real and often painful disease, it is caused by a number of different reasons. In this article the sufferer of this condition will find numerous cures to help rid themselves of this problem.

Epididymitis disorder is an inflammation of the epididymis (the tube behind the man’s testicles that carries sperm) that is due to bacteria such as coliform bacteria infection, which may occur in homosexual men. When it is found in younger men, it may come from some sort of sexually transmitted disease (STD) such as Gonorrhea or Chlamydia. While the cause of the disease for older men may originate from problems with the prostate or the urinary tract. Another common cause for Epididymitis is mumps in young men and children.

Antibiotic Treatments

The most common treatments for this condition is Antibiotic medications such as Ciprofloxiacin,Ceftriaxone,Levofloxacin, Doxcycline, Azithromycin and several others. These medications are prescribed by the physician with the purpose of clearing up or restricting the growth of bacteria.

Tuberculosis Medications

Some men may have gotten the Epididymitis condition from Tuberculosis, which means they may be given antituberculosis drugs which include Rifampin, Pyrazinamide, and Isoniazid.

Reduce the Swelling

For pain relief and reduction of the swelling you may need non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), such as aspirin and Ibuprofen. Your Urologist may also recommend sitz baths and icepacks to reduce the swelling.

Surgical Procedures

Depending on the severity of Epididymitis and what caused the condition, a person may have one of several surgical procedures. These include Scrotal Exploration, Epididymectomy, Epididymotomy and Orchiectomy.

Support Treatment

Dr. Edmund S. Sabanegh of the Center for Male Fertility and author of “Common Problems of the Testicle” suggest that you also reduce physical activity and that you support your scrotum and elevate it using a soft pad or a pillow. He also suggests the use of Analgesics such as Motrin to block the pain.

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