How to Use an Inversion Table

What does inverting mean? Why should we invert our bodies?

What does inverting mean?

It means to reverse something and that is what we do when we use an inversion table we reverse ourselves so we are up side down

Why should we look after our spines?

What we do not realise is the damage we do to our spines throughout the day and worse still sleeping on the wrong mattress. Then the problems start which will mean a bleak outlook as we get older and its not nice, so prevention is important to ensure we lead a happy and active life.

SO How Should We Use An Inversion Table?

Using an inversion table will strengthen the core muscles enabling better posture and less back strain. It decompresses the spine and releases the blood flow around our body allowing better circulation.
Novice users that is beginners should start at half way for the first few days or until you feel comfortable enough with the use of the table and you are able to relax while inverted.

First time users may find they feel dizzy when getting off for the first time like I did, so make sure you come up slowly and relax for a few seconds before getting off the machine. These machines come with height symbols so you should adjust to your own height to ensure proper inversion, otherwise if you do not use the right height symbol you will find inverting hard. You will feel mild stretching of your muscles and joints when you relax on the inversion table and it is a lovely feeling whilst also stimulating the circulation and improving oxygen to the head. You will also notice better hair growth as blood flows direct to the head, as that was the first thing I noticed when inverting, my hair became much healthier and thicker so that is another added benefit you will notice.

In full inversion, which I only do if someone is around just in case I can not get back up, as that does take some skill ,your body hangs freely to be able to perform inverted exercises and stretching. I do not fully invert very much as I find inverting partially is adequate for me. You may also want to only fully invert for short periods of time to begin with until you become more comfortable as some people may find it too much at first.

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