Imminent Dangers of Self-induced Abortions

Self-induced abortions are dangerous.

Imminent dangers of Self-Induced Abortions

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Abortions and Miscarriage

Abortion is often confused with the term miscarriage. Miscarriages are spontaneous abortions that are natural. There can be many factors that can lead to miscarriage.

According the WHO miscarriage is the unsurvivable state as an embryo or fetus, which weighs less than 500 grams and usually corresponds to a gestational age of less than 22 weeks. Miscarriage usually occurs before the 13th week of pregnancy in about 15-20% of all pregnancies. Miscarriages can occur even without the knowledge of the pregnant woman.

Abortions on the other hand are medical or surgical. Medical Termination of Pregnancy (MTP) is the term given for abortions in India. According a report about 11 million abortions take place every year in India and around 20,000 women die every year due to complications related to abortion. Illegal abortions are the leading cause for abortion-related maternal deaths.

Induced abortions are legally available to more than 60% of the world population. Common methods of induced abortion are instrumental evacuation and medical induction. Ethically speaking, abortions are unwanted unless the pregnancy poses a serious threat to the health or life of the foetus or the pregnant woman.


Self-induced abortions

The abortion performed by the pregnant women herself is known as self induced abortion. This is not recognized by the medical system around the world and is the most dangerous means of abortion. This practice is illegal even in many advanced countries and it can be a serious threat to the life of a woman.

Women worldwide have attempted the following methods (crude and cruel) for self-induced abortions (Source: Khokhar and Gulati report).

  • Lifting very heavy weights
  • Abdominal massage (hard)
  • Consumption of mutton marrow soup
  • Consumption of dried henna powder
  • Consumption of carrot seed soup
  • Consumption of nerium seeds
  • Physical exertion
  • Receiving punches, kicks or blows to the abdominal area
  • Attempted removal of the fetus with a coat-hanger or similar device inserted into the uterus through the cervix
  • Attempted piercing of the fetus with a knitting needle or similar device inserted into the uterus through the cervix
  • Suction through the insertion of a rubber tube
  • Ingesting high quantities of vitamin C, Pennyroyal or other substances that are considered to be abortifacients
  • Douching with substances (such as coca cola) believed to induce miscarriage
  • Vaginal pessaries
  • Yoga
  • Acupuncture and hypothermia

Many or all of these methods pose a significant hazard to the life and health of women all over the world and in particular in the developing countries. Inserting hazardous objects into the uterus can cause injuries leading to septicaemia.


WARNING: Self-induced abortion (SIA) is illegal and is dangerous to women’s health and life. Be wise, avoid SIA, and Consult a medical specialist.

© 2010 Dr.P.Elayaraja

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  1. Very well presented. Please remove that picture of baby lying on the fingers. Mind was totally upset after seeing that.

  2. This is one reason why Abortions should be legal.. because women will have them if they want them bad enough…

  3. I have removed the picture that drishti8 mentioned. it was really a cruel one. Initially I wanted to depict the seriousness of the problem. Anyways, i removed it.

  4. very good article here, Doc. I have not seen that pic which you removed, but I think if i see it i will be very upset like drishti8 too.

  5. nice share my friend…

  6. Good article!

  7. wow a strong theme

  8. Very strong article is what I can say. Many women are still not aware of the consequences of self-induced abortions. I really loved the first image.

  9. Good and informative post, hilarious pictures of babies, with footmarks showing through their mom’s tummies.

  10. I have had a baby(7/2007), abortion (1/2011), baby (1/2012), abortion (6/2012) and am now pregnant again (I believe a month along)..this means this is the THIRD time I am pregnant this year. I am so ashamed and do not want to go to my gyne. I’m possibly going to try some of these methods..I will not stick anything inside me though

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