Importance of Aloe Vera

Aloe vera and its uses.

Some people might not know the plant they call ALOE VERA but speaking of ALOE VERA is speaking of one of the most priceless gifts of nature.It can be confidently said that God actually created this plant to make life easier and better for the human race.Aloe vera is known and used all over the world because of its high reputation in medicinal values and nutrients. Aloe vera has been used to cure various illnesses both in the past and present.It cures different types of skin irritation like eczema,rashes,burns ,acne etc.When taken in internally,it purifies the body and boost fertility in both men and women.Research shows that what makes Aloe vera highly medicinal is the fact that it contains about 100 natural substances embedded in the Aloe vera gel which are highly medicinal .Among which are vitamins and natural hydrocyndials.These constituents makes Aloe vera able to eliminate any skin infection be it fungal or bacterial.

Aloe vera contains antibiotics, thiamine,magnesium,sulphur,magnesium lactate,nitrogen,antiseptic,anomic acid,water and many more.With these ,we find Aloe vera very useful as a natural antibiotic which makes it possible for Aloe vera to fight bacteria especially when it is consumed in the body.It also helps in maintaining good health and improves body nervous system. Aloe vera has a lot of antiseptic agent that enable it kill bacteria,fungi or even virus,hence its external curing ability.It is bizarre to know that Aloe vera, as it is, can be used as a natural food because it contain most of the vitamins that we know:Vitamin C,E,B(thiamine),B12,Zinc etc.Body immune system booster is not left out as one of the awesome properties of Aloe vera.

Over the years, Aloe vera have been used to cure various illnesses.Many people still do not know the high potentials of Aloe vera there by tapping from its usefulness.It is discovered that when someone is experiencing Tiredness ,all he has to do is cut the Aloe vera leaf and its gel should be mixed with water.Allow for 5 minutes and then drink all liquid content.The tiredness will naturally disappear.

For female experiencing vagina discharge,all they have to do is slice roots of cashew tree, Aloe vera adding garlic,ginger a bottle of honey and about 4 litres of water.Boil and drink the filtered mixture half a glass every night for one month.

Athlete’s foot is a fungal infections that is very devastating because it eats deep into the feet of an individual.Rubbing Aloe vera gel on the affected area at least twice everyday(morning and night) until it goes solves the problem.

Aloe vera has the ability to improve impaired vision.Therefore if you have cataracts, just squeeze some Aloe vera gel into your eyes directly and you will receive results in a short time.

It is incredible but true to say that boiling mixture of Aloe vera with herbs like ginseng and fagara roots can help reduce the effects of HIV/AIDS.This means that even if you are living with the virus,you have a better chance of living a longer life than you normally would have.(Wow!,Knowledge is truly Power).

There was a time I was experiencing Indigestion,drugs and laxatives prescribed to me were having arkward side effects.Luckily for me my grandma came visiting and I explained my problems to her.Can you believe with 35cl Aloe vera juice and 10cl of pure honey made my suffering go away within 5 days.All I needed to do was to take 2 table spoonful twice a day for these 5 days.

I could go on and on but hey!,an article has to have an end.All I just want is for us to tap from untapped resources like Aloe vera ./Making judicious use of this plant makes the difference between those that live longer with less pain and those who live shorter lives,an aftermath of side effects experienced using modern drugs.It is time we raise awareness of this potentially useful plant.


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