Importance of Citrus Fruit in Daily Diet

Citrus fruits like orange, lime, lemon etc when included in diet will give a number of health benefits.

Citrus, a native of the Southeastern Asia includes a group of fruits belonging to the genus Citrus & family Rutaceae. All the over the globe, the commonly cultivated citrus fruits are orange, lemon, lime, grape fruit, etc.  The fruit pulp is usually juicy and tangy in taste. The leaves, flowers as well as the fruits are strongly fragrant due to the presence of flavonoids and limonoids. The high culinary value containing citrus fruit has unique demand among  buyers.

            The flavorful citrus fruits laden with nutrients serve multi benefits upon our health when included in our dietary intake. Such as…..

  • The vitamin C rich citrus gives elasticity to our skin. It helps to increase the collagen level that prevents sagging of our skin.
  • Intake of citrus fruits helps in healing existing pimples!
  • Citrus juice has soothing effect upon the pain caused by bee stings.
  • Peel of lemon can be uses as a face pack to smoothen the skin.
  • Refreshing citrus juice removes fatigue & even research shows it acts as a antidepressant
  • Intake of citrus fruits in diet prevent oxidation of free radical. The  anti oxidation property along with presence of polyphenols, anthocyanin etc helps skin to glow.
  • Citrus intake reports to reduce cardiac problems. It has no fat, sodium and cholesterol, so a perfect healthy fruit.
  • The presence of non –starch poly saccharides or the dietary fiber  in citrus has health benefits.
  • Citrus intake also helps in absorption of non organic iron.
  • Due to presence of folate, a water soluble vitamin, inclusion of citrus in regular diet may reduce anaemia.
  • It helps in healing of wounds.
  • Regular intake of citrus fruit increase body immunity level.
  • Presence of phytochemicals like limonoids, flavonoids, carotinoids, monoterpenes, hydroxyl cinnamic acid etc in citrus fruits have effects on cell differentiation & increased activity of enzymes detoxify the carcinogen. Thus minimizes the chance of cancer.


So try to include citrus fruits in our diet whenever possible by making, lemonades, fresh juice, or even in salad or as a fruit. Consume citrus regularly and keep number diseases at bay.

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