Importance of Mushrooms in Nutrition and Medicine

Mushrooms are the richest source of protein and are suitable for human consumption. They are flesy fruiting bodies of higher fungi. Mushrooms also used in medicine traditionally, which may help to prevent heart diseases, diabetes, cancer and obesity.



Mushrooms are the fruiting bodies of higher fungi like Ascomycetes and Basidiomycetes. There are about 7,000 species of mushroom, but a little over 100 species are suitable for human consumption. Mushrooms are fleshy fungi, which are generally used as fragility from the time immemorial. Mushroom constitutes a perfect source for reducing body weight. Mushroom contains more protein than in foodstuffs like potato, carrot, dates, and beet. Modern system has made possible to grow mushrooms under control and semi-control conditions. There are some species of mushrooms which are poisonous. Eating such kinds can be very risky to our health. Many varieties of mushroom are grown commercially in mushroom farms and sold them to market. The necessary to cultivate mushroom on large scale is only for commercial value. People who collect mushroom for consumption are called mycophagists.


Nutritive value:

Mushrooms are the richest source of vegetable proteins. They contain 31-40% of proteins. The percentage of protein is much higher than in cereals, pulses, fruits and vegetables.  The proteins of mushrooms contain all essential amino acids and their quantity is higher than in the egg. They are the good source of iron. Mushroom contains minerals like calcium, potassium, sodium and phosphorous, and vitamins like B, C, D, and K. Mushroom contains niacin, which is ten times higher than any other vegetables. Mushrooms make an excellent food for diabetic and heart patients.

Mushrooms in medicine:

Mushrooms have long been used in medicines traditionally. Mushroom contains a group of compounds that act on the immune system of human. The folic acid present in mushroom is used in the treatment of anemia. The ratio of sodium: potassium, calorific and starch is low in mushroom, so it is suitable for people with hypertension (high blood pressure), diabetes, and obesity. Mushrooms are getting a higher profile for containing anti-oxidants. It has been proved in many research centers that mushroom may help to prevent breast cancer, high cholesterol and other diseases like heart disease, diabetes and obesity.


Mushrooms are also used as food sources. Many varieties of mushroom are used to prepare delicious recipes. Mushrooms have made their way to our dining tables.



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