Improve Brain Function

Healt, brain, oxygen.

The function of the brain is directly related to something that is fundamental to life as breathing. Did you know that your brain is only 1% to 3% of the weight of your body, but it takes 20% of all oxygen you breathe.

Doctors and nurses are increasingly concerned about the loss of oxygen to the brain in patients. If the brain loses oxygen in 10 minutes, a fairly large nerve damage may occur. Of course, the cold may extend this time and there are many examples of people who drown in cold water, which survived without brain damage, even after 40 minutes.

Oxygen is not only the body but also the function of the brain. Each cell in the body requires sufficient oxygen properly. The brain is full of 100000000000 neurons, and oxygen is very important for every human being. If oxygen is very important for our welfare, why not give the proper attention? Most people breathe on auto-pilot. So, our primary objective is to ensure that our bodies and brains to get a lot of oxygen.

Simple indicators to improve brain function by breathing effectively.

The first step is to make sure you take the troops of oxygen abundance.

Here are some hot spots that we can take to ensure our body and the brain condition.

Take a deep breath first. Breathe slowly, breathe oxygen / automatic climate slower than throw it away. Gradually, create a rhythm of breathing in and out of the speed you feel comfortable.

2. Remove all distractions such as telephone, television or the Internet and focus your attention on your breathing.

Give comfort and 3rd when you do this penegtesan. His back and shoulders just right for your comfort.

4. Make sure that the environment around you is completely free of toxic chemicals such as detergents, smoke, or incense.

5. Avoid heavily wooded areas at night when you breathe. Why? The plants breathe oxygen at night and to carbon dioxide. At night, when you breathe deeply in an area that includes the dense foliage of the plants, you inhale more carbon dioxide than oxygen.

Although sixth breathing, use your nose instead of mouth. Nasal respiratory function and receive special odors

Your brain will automatically attract oxygen. The body can absorb and use supplemental oxygen.

Simple steps can help the process of absorption of oxygen you breathe deeply and slowly. This gives the lungs absorb the oxygen necessary waku when you breathe. By providing greater resistance of the absorption of oxygen.

Beware of yoga breathing, because in this case some aspects of holding his breath. However, without adequate training and supervision, can cause side effects that are worse.

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  1. Good suggestions to improve power of brain. I appreciate this work.

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