Is Clay Good for You?

Clay appeared more than 500 million years ago and it has one the most striking curative properties from other ingredients used in face masks. Blue clay contains healing minerals and trace elements which are needed by every human being for protecting the health and beauty he or she has.

Clay absorbs toxins and  poisons accumulated as a result of human activity. Even the radionuclides cannot resist to the healing blue or white clay. Many types of malicious microbes and other harmful bacterias are afraid of the effect clay has on our skin and body.

There are several types of clay, the easiest way of distinguishing them is by colour:

White clay (kaolin)


White clay got its name from the province kaolin in China, which were first discovered rich deposits of white clay. The basis of kaolin – white clay  is silica,along with a terrific amount of minerals and trace elements.

White Clay consists of tiny particles and soaks in all the poisons and toxic substances just like a sponge. White clay is used with great success in skin treatments and even medicine.

Blue clay

Blue clay is often used in medicine. It contains a large amount of salts of cadmium and cobalt. In tsarist Russia, the blue clay was very appreciated and used by the doctors of the royal family. Blue clay normalizes metabolism and works great for oily skin.

Yellow clay

Yellow clay has in its composition sodium compounds, sulfur, and it’s used for treating headaches and degenerative spine diseases (eg, osteochondrosis).It is great for combination skin.Red clay

Red Clay has such a color because of the scattered of the mineral hematite,magnesium, iron, potassium and copper it contains. Red clay is effective in cardiovascular diseases, hypotension, and varicose legs, and also some nervous and endocrine diseases. It will make sensitive skin look less red.Black clay

Black clay has this color due to the presence of carbon materials and iron. This clay is used to reduce the body temperature, heartbeat (arrhythmia), and inflammatory skin diseases.If you want to use clay for external use (skin masks), here is recipe that will work for all skin types:1 tbsp of white clay1 tbsp of honey1/2 tbsp of lemon juice1 tbsp of coconut oil1-2 drops of an essential oil of your choice.Mix all these ingredients, put them on the clean skin (face or body), keep for 10 minutes, then rinse.



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