Is Fluoride Safe?

"We must drink eight glasses of water per day" say the health experts; but before you reach for that glass, should you not ask whether the water is fluoridated?

People use ground water for drinking in some parts of the world. In several countries around the globe, ground water is known to be contaminated with fluoride. This is true of many States in India like Rajasthan, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka and it becomes necessary to defluoridate water. Several States in the USA, on the other hand, have been fluoridating water for several years now. The daily ingestion of fluoride also comes from toothpastes, mouth washes, canned beverages, cereals (processed in a fluoridated area), baby food, cigarettes, sea foods and teflon pans. What many don’t know is that the salts used to fluoridate our water supply — sodium fluoride and fluorosalicic acid — are by-products from aluminum and fertilizer industries that are used in rat poison and insecticides. No epidemiological study has been able to prove the effectiveness of fluoride against tooth decay. It is now believed that the cause of the death of hundreds of people in 1930 in the Meuse valley in Belgium could have been due to gaseous fluorine compounds, made deadlier by the foggy weather, emanating from certain factories in the region.

The following is an excellent video that says fluoridation of water is an industry-backed program to dispose off toxic waste. It also provides many useful information.

Consuming excess sugar and refined carbohydrates have been the cause for dental decay, which is why many primitive societies that didn’t eat them did not have high incidences of dental decay like we have now. Drinking fluoridated water causes dental fluorosis in the long-term, even with the approved level to fluoridate the public water supply, which is about 1 part fluoride for every million parts of water (1 ppm) by weight. Fluorine compounds cause parts of the teeth to calcify and make the enamel brittle, chalky-white and porous. The toxic substance gets absorbed and accumulates in calcified tissues like bone and teeth over a period; and as little as 2 mg/day can  produce crippling skeletal fluorosis. According to the US Public Health Service, fluoride can lead to crippling arthritic deformities of the spine and major joints of the body.

Fluoride is more poisonous than lead and just slightly less poisonous than arsenic.  Fluoride weakens the immune system and can cause allergic type reactions including dermatitis, eczema and hives. It is likely to aggravate kidney disease and diabetes and weaken thyroid activity. It also causes the breakdown of collagen, and result in wrinkling skin.

There are other health problems associated with fluoride. National Cancer Institute has found that fluoride is a carcinogen. Bone cancer has been linked to fluoridated water.

Parents, encouraged by doctors, massage with toothpastes the gums of less-than-one-year babies who can’t even spit it out properly. Many baby do’s and don’ts have been well explained in the video below

According to Dr. John Yiamouyiannis (president of the Safe Water Foundation and a leading authority on the biological effects of fluoride), we should use a “reverse osmosis” filtration system on the water faucet, as well as choose toothpastes that don’t contain fluoride.


Fluoride Action Network: (gives fluoride levels in various foods)

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  1. Yes it’s problem and arsenic is a big problem in many countries. Raw ground water is never safe. Nice write.

  2. I thought fluoride was beneficial and I do drink my two litres of water a day, though I filter it first. It is a bit worrying to read that fluoride causes health problems. Thank you for the information.


  3. Very informative from a subjective point of view. We haven’t heard from the ADA yet. Actually, I think we have. I have a 300-foot well that tests flouride free. Lucky, I guess.

  4. Reminds me of Gen. Jack Ripper in the movie Dr. Strangelove when he refers to the use of the use of fluoride as a Communist effort to sap people of their precious bodily fluids.

    Great article!

  5. Much food for thought here. Like it!

  6. It is such a shame that the government n their agencies do not exercise better care over things like these. Thank you Uma, for this very important bit of news.

  7. Too bad they didn’t really test it first! Great article!

  8. Good to know reverse osmosis helps in filtering fluride. We have been using it for quite sometime.

  9. Great information… Excellent article

  10. Very informative and detailed article and thanks for your research.

  11. GREAT INFO.THANX FOR SHARING…My best wishes to you…

  12. A very good observation. Another very informative article.

  13. very informative, thanks for sharing

  14. Thanks for the run down. You know I have a handicapped daughter and since she can not spit out toothpaste, I asked her dentist if I should still be using fluoride toothpaste. I was surprised that she said “yes.” In fact, she even advised me to let dip her toothbrush in fluoride mouthwash and allow her to swallow the mouthwash. I still do not think that is such a great idea……because I have read information such as this about the dangers of fluoride.

  15. Oh, no!! Jo, the fluoride can accumulate in the body. For strong teeth, just ensure adequate Calcium, magnesium and vitamin D. And more importantly, washing the mouth after eating sweets, especially sticky chocolates.

  16. awesome friend

  17. I realize that this article was written a few years ago, but as a dental student, I must say that nearly everything in it is completely false. The amount of false information out there about fluoride is astonishing. True facts about fluoride can only be found using peer-reviewed, scientific data… none of which is contained in this article.

  18. Dr. O — Here’s an article you should read about Fluoride and how it can cause reduced IQ:

  19. Certainly there is somebody who is trying to kill us all.
    And What will we do about it??
    Get up!! Stand up!!
    Lets Fight Those mtfker!!

    and look at all those comment, no body gets angry about this???
    are you all have been brain fluorized???

  20. What I find funny is taking the flouride deception video, which shows how flouride is gathered, and distributed, and what EXACTLY it is composed of, and showing it to someone who is absolutely sure that it is safe. For example, my stepdad is a MD, I have read a lot over the years about flouride testing done at the cellular level and am 100% certain of it’s damaging effects, anyways, I asked good ol step dad if flouride was dangerous or if this was just a conspiracy theory. He explained to me that it’s 100% safe in small doses, etc, etc all just a conspiracy theory. Sooo I showed him the video on youtube, suddenly 2 weeks later he installs a decently priced home water filtration system and now agrees with me, after seeing the FACT that much like Arsenic, fluoride in small amounts over long periods of time does in fact damage your overall health. He lost 35 lbs since he quit drinking tap water and refuses to even shower in flouridated water… Suck on that Dr. O-I-Don’t-Know_Shit-but-What-was_pounded-into-my-brain-in-med-school.

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