Is It Getting Cold?

Fall is here, but is it getting cold?

After a whole month of September, you questioned the end of summer. 

There were a few chili days in September, but you also had many 80 warm days. I actually liked how this September was warmer than previous Septembers I’ve experienced. 

Now that we are moving into October I can actually see the weather changing. Many people around me are getting sick. They are sneezing and coughing. The days have become shorter and colder. We get temperatures around 60 degree, and 70 if we are lucky.

It is the time to change the contents in your closet. Start preparing nice warm hoodies and long pants. Its a time of fun festivities, carnivals, camping, Halloween, marshmallows, and bonfires. Its a new season. 

School has finally gotten accustomed to for students. For a strange reason, colder weather brings lovers together. We will start getting that weak sense of jealousy when couples cuddle together on a nice cold night. Its a time of love and friendship. 

This season like all seasons has its high points and its low. We all hate getting sick, but we love the feeling of being closer to others.

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  1. Nice Share.

  2. Very nice! I live in Oregon, and this Winter’s predictions are looking toward blizzards! :D I love the SNOW! Also, it’s funny how people thing that the cold carries the sickness. It’s actually caused by people staying indoors passing germs :O

  3. thanks for the share

  4. Nice Share.

  5. nice share

  6. nice work

  7. You made the season come alive.

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