Is SPF 15 Enough?

On the right amount and the right application of sunscreen.

SPF 15 is often quoted as the sun protection factor that most of us should stick to, but is it actually high enough? According to dermatologists,  a Sun Protection Factor or SPF of 15 blocks 97.5 percent of UV rays — more than enough protection for any outdoor activity.

A number of daily-use moisturizers and makeup products contain SPF 15 chemical sunscreen like Avobenzone or any form of benzophenones. This is recommended for daily sun exposure during normal activities like walking or driving. The main goal is to prevent freckles and fine lines, both signs of premature aging.

The most important aspect of sun protection during outdoor activity is application. Apply at least 30 minutes before exposure, and reapply every two hours. If you have gone swimming or are perspiring, reapply immediately. And don’t be stingy!

According to preferred testing amounts, you should be using a 120-ml bottle of sunscreen during a single eight-hour day at the beach. Most people don’t use half that much. So instead of actually reaching an SPF 15 rating, we diminish the SPF value by applying less than we should. For this reason, some dermatologists advocate using sunscreens with SPF 30 for outdoor activities.

And for your precious face? You must apply at least two teaspoons of sunscreen. That’s about two milligrams per square centimeter of skin.

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  1. Good post

  2. Is SPF 15 enough? Well that depends…. Do you want Skin Cancer? Or, are you trying to avoid it?

    Perhaps, you should check out the new scientific data concerning the links between Sunblock and Skin Cancer – before buying any of it…..

    Here is a link to a recent article from the Real American Truth about this growing new Skin Cancer controversy, and the continually failing claims of modern science in the marketplace.

    Of course, they don\’t sell this stuff out of respect for your health – but instead, they respect the money in your wallet! Don\’t ever forget this.

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