Is Tea Bad for Children?

Generally, tea is not recommended for young children. One cup of tea contains about 100-150 milligrams of caffeine.


“Is tea bad for children? My mother-in-law recommends it to cure our four-year-old daughter of stomach upset.

Generally, tea is not recommended for young children. One cup of tea contains about 100-150 milligrams of caffeine.

Caffeine stimulates intestinal secretions of juices called digestive enzymes. These substances cause or worsen diarrhea. Caffeine also stimulates the heart muscles and the flow of blood to the heart. It helps increase urination by dilating the blood vessels and sometimes causes insomnia.

A sick child needs plenty of rest. The intake of caffeine may keep him awake. So tea is not the correct beverage to offer.

The best and the safest is water. I feel more comfortable with a cup of warm water than with an icy drink. Try it with your child – instead of tea.

“Will drinking coffee and other caffeinated beverages lessen a woman’s ability to become pregnant?”

A study of over 100 women who were trying to become pregnant showed that those who drank more than one cup of coffee a day were half as likely to become pregnant as women who drank less than a cup. The less caffeine a woman consumes, the better are her chances of conceiving.

Being the first study done on the effects of caffeine on human fertility, further research is needed to make the findings more conclusive. In the meantime, any woman who had difficulty conceiving without any medical reason may hopefully increase the possibility of conception by lessening her intake of caffeine. The study also showed that the husband’s intake of caffeine has no bearing on his wife’s ability to conceive.

Further studies on the human body are definitely needed to assess the effects of caffeine contained in other temptations such as chocolate and its derivatives. So far the only negative factor associated with the intake of chocolates is that they give us more calories and excess weight. Little do we realize that chocolate contains caffeine equal to if not more than coffee.

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  1. well researched info

  2. Really? I will take note of this. Thanks kabayan.

  3. Very well researched. Thx for sharing this piece of info with us.

  4. I miss the fact that American domestic companies no longer put caffine in soda. Soda no longer has that kick that I liked.

  5. good points. It is better to do away with these unwanted chemicals.

  6. I would say stick with, water, milk and juice for children. Well researched article.

  7. Giftarist, there are so many types of tea. We need to specify what types are not good for children. There has to be over one hundred different kinds. Of course caffeine is not but many herbals have no caffeine and are loaded with beneficial nutrients and compounds.

  8. I don’t know about reducing the chance of pregancy thing. When I was young I drank 10-30 cups of coffee a day. Got pregnant at 18 first time ever having sex. Then again at 19 and again at 20. Almost everytime I had sex. Had surgery at 21 to stop this. Sorry but I have to disagree with that theory. Still love my coffee just don’t drink as much now as I did. Great article you always do a great job. Best wishes.

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