Is the FDA Really Doing Their Job Anymore?

Has the Food and Drug Administration lost a grip on protecting the public? Possible “side effects” seem to be getting progressively worse.

May Cause Death

I remember a day when the listed potential side effects of any given medicine might be nothing worse than, “may cause drowsiness”, “do not use heavy machinery”, or “possible side effects include headaches and/or nausea”. Now when they list the litany of possible side effects on television ads for new drugs, they say things like, “could cause thoughts of suicide, or actual suicide”, “could increase the risks of viral infection”, “could increase the risks of cancer”, or even amazingly, “may cause death”. WTF!!!

Standards Be Damned!

What has happened to the safety standards that once protected us; or at least that we once thought protected us? Doesn’t it stand to reason that if any drug “may cause death” in any potential patients then it simply should NOT be put on the market? Shouldn’t the FDA just say NO to such a drug? Yet they are giving these obviously dangerous “medicines” the green light in spite of the clear hazards. Why?

Could It Have To Do With Money?

As any researcher worth their salt knows; if you want to understand the motivations of any kind of curious behavior among Humans there is a simple way to grasp your answer; follow the money. Who stands to gain? Who is making the money on these dangerous drugs that “may cause death”? Who has invested great sums of money in the research and development of these drugs, and therefore must recoup their costs? The risks to the patients be damned, they have to make back their development costs, and more. I don’t have to actually say who that is. The answer pretty much goes without saying, since it is as obvious as a word beginning with an unpronounced “P”.

It’s Not Just Drugs

Drugs are not the only issue. The new “chip implants” now standard at many animal shelters across the US, and recently approved by the FDA for Humans, are being linked to malignant tumors that first surround the implants, then quickly metastasize.

See the Washington Post article, Chip Implants Linked to Animal Tumors.

See also, CANCER AND CHIP IMPLANTS for more details.

Where is the Oversight?

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  1. This is really a great share, thanks.

  2. Thanks great share

  3. Excellent article anjd it goes straight to the heart of the matter! It really is all about money for the biggest part of it all.

  4. Very good article pointing out a very scary problem. But, I doubt anything will change. As long as someone makes a lot of money and puts some of it quietly into the right pocket, nobody of the competent people will care about few deaths of innocent people. It is sad.

  5. It does seem that all too often it is the money that is being followed and not the best interests of the patients or consumers. Great article!

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