Is The Inverted Retina Evidence of Poor Design of The Human Eye?

Evolutionists claim that the inverted retina is evidence of very poor design and some have even described it as “a functionally stupid upside down orientation”.

The Human eye contains the Retina, a membrane with approximately 120 million cells called photo-receptors which absorb light rays and convert them into electric signals and visual images. Evolutionists contend that where the retina has been placed in the eye of vertebrates proves that the eye was actually conceived by a very poor designer.

The retina of vertebrates is inverted, placing the photo-receptors at the back of the retina. To reach them, light must pass through several layers of cells. According to evolutionary biologist, Kenneth Miller, this arrangement of an inverted retina scatters the light, making our vision less detailed than it should actually be. Evolutionists thus claim that the inverted retina is evidence of very poor design of the eye and they even question the intelligent mind behind the design because according to them, it is no design at all. One scientist even described it as “a functionally stupid upside down orientation”.

However, further research reveals that the photo receptors of the inverted retina are ideally placed next to the pigment epithelium, a cell layer that provides oxygen and nutrients vital to keen sight. If the pigment epithelium tissues were placed in front of the retina, sight would be seriously compromised. The inverted retina is advantageous for vertebrates with small eyes because between the lens of the eye and the photo-receptors, there must be certain distance to get a sharp image. Secondly, with the nerve cells of the retina tightly packed and close to the photo-receptors, analysis of visual information is fast and reliable within the design of an inverted retina.

From the above advantages, it can be seen that there is nothing that our God has created that can be subjected to sustainable criticisms. Even the inverted retina was deeply thought out by the intelligent designer who is our creator God. It could not have been an inferior structure; neither can it be criticized as a product of poor design because everything God made was mathematically calculated to do its function with precision and absolute perfection.

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  1. No comment Gaby, you worry me a lot with these kind of articles.

  2. im not sure if i completely understood this, but it doesnt surprise me that there would be a reason for our upside down vision. even if that reason makes us seem pretty stupid as well. why cant we just have big eyes?

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