Jean Wu Stretch Marks Massage Treatment : Complete Procedure

Free Jean Wu ebook for stretch marks cure, along with list of ingredients, tips and tricks.

Stretch marks are a cause of concern among young and old, men and women. You don’t have to be pregnant or even gain weight to get them…a growth spurt will do the job. The sad news is that once faded to a silvery while colour, these stretch marks cannot be faded away by creams or topical applications. Laser helps to reduce their appearance but it is extremely expensive. Jean Wu who also had severe stretch marks tried her own exfoliation and massage treatments to remove stretch marks and published an ebook, which seems to be a miracle remedy for stretch marks with several user testimonials to prove it. However, the ebook itself costs $15 and if you are sceptical about the treatment before spending all that money, read the ebook’s contents for free here:

Since I live in India where St.Ives products are not widely available, I decided to use the following substitutes:

1) Scrub: Everyuth Walnut and Apricot scrub which has nearly the same ingredients as St. Ives

2) Banjara’s Aloe Vera moisturising gel

3) Jergens Firming Lotion that contains collagen and elastin

4) Couldn’t find Safflower oil either so I’ll either use Olive oil or almond oil.

5) And finally…I could NOT find the massage brush. So I will be using a hair brush with rubber spikes that have thick tips (of course, nowhere as thick as that in the picture) till I can find the right massage brush.

As of today, July 18 2011, I have severe stretch marks all over my hips, buttocks, a few on my upper arms and calves. I shall be trying this procedure first on my hips. The marks are numerous, not very deep because they have faded with time..I got them at 13 and its been nearly 10 years.

For the record, here are my ‘before’ pictures:

The marks somehow don’t look so obvious in the picture but they look worse. This method claims to clear up scars, blemishes and reduce cellulite as well so I’m all the more excited to try it!

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  1. nice sharing…:))))

  2. Our scars and marks make us individual; unique. These little things are what I am embrace in a woman. Also, stretch marks in the areas mentioned mean you are a woman with curves. Embrace that.

  3. Well I somehome cannot get around to doing that..its been 10 years and these marks are really getting me down.

  4. Please post results! Thanks. Hope it works for you and for me as well. Will try it soon

  5. Did it work?! I’m 20 years old and have a 10 month old son. I didn’t gain any weight or size until I got to the 5 1/2 mark and then, BAM, I gain 40 pounds by the time of his birth. I’ve lost most of the weight, but my stomach is covered in stretch marks. Please say if it worked! :)

  6. Hi;.. I’ll be waiting for an update of your remedy for stretch marks. I have lots of those, all over my body after I gave birth.. Hoping it works for me to try it too..

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