Kalina – for The Beauty and Usefulness

Kalina – for the beauty and usefulness.

Kalina – for the beauty and usefulness
Few come across trees and shrubs in our country that frost-resistant and decorative at any time of year. And among the fruit bushes in Viburnum, perhaps, the rivals in this respect is not altogether.
Beauty Viburnum – its inherent trait. She was beautiful in early summer, aureoles strewn with white flowers, fall in crimson carved leaves in winter drooped umbrellas juicy bright red fruit. Spring draws the eye is very large reddish-green buds, ready to explode emerald green foliage.
It has long been in Russia liked Kalina. They brought trees from the forest and planted near his home. It was believed that viburnum wards off evil spirits, and its berries give youth. The beauty of this plant growers have long paid attention, creating a lot of decorative forms and varieties. There was widespread use viburnum Boule de Nezh, which in Russian means a snow ball. Variety Rozeum blossoms as snow globes, but the inflorescence slightly to rose and shrub grows to 4 m. Shtambovye form flowering varieties are enchanting sight and are not inferior in beauty blooming hydrangea garden, and the timing of flowering is much ahead of them. Very interesting variety Ksantokarpum with bright yellow-orange fruit. Variety Kompaktum grows very slowly and has a total height of the bush 1 m. It is especially beautiful in autumn with red leaves and ruby clusters of fruit.
Known white-variegated form, which all summer krona has marble-white color.

Sweet viburnum

In the gardens are grown mainly seedlings or vegetative propagation of local varieties, often quite fruitful. Remember the saying “Praise viburnum that honey is good!” But it is true! Everyone who tried the fruit of Viburnum in the woods, will recall the bitterness of ruby berries. But life makes its own adjustments at all. Kalina was no exception. Since 1973, the selection work with Viburnum opulus is in the Research Institute of Horticulture in Siberia behalf MA Lisavenko (Barnaul). Derived varieties: Zarnitsa, Salair, Souzga, Taiga rubies, Ulgen, Zholobovskaya, Shukshin. This slabogorkogo varieties, edible fresh, even without heat treatment and freezing.
I was lucky to get seedlings varieties boreal rubies and Shukshin. I’ll tell you a little about them.
Boreal rubies. Bush is small, with smooth gray bark. Frost-resistant variety is not damaged by pests and diseases, the average period of maturation. The fruits of pleasant taste with slight bitterness and a tangible sweetness, dark-ruby color, average weight 0.51 g. The yield high, stable – 8.11 kg per bush. Variety is very durable, samobesploden – pollination is required for other varieties or seedlings of Viburnum.
Shukshin. Medium term maturity. Not damaged by pests and diseases. Bush silnorosly. Fruit crimson-red, spherical, medium size (0,7-0,85 g), good taste with slight bitterness. Fruiting regular, annual. The yield of 5.8 kg per bush. Variety samoplodny. The taste of the fruit is more pleasant taste than the class boreal rubies.

Bushes or tree in the yard

Sooner or later, before every gardener there is a problem – as propagated an interesting variety. Fortunately, viburnum not so picky, and multiply it does not present much difficulty. How it can be a lot of reproduction: the division of the bush, vertical layers, horizontal layers.
After planting, seedlings should decide for yourself how you will grow Kalina – in the form of a bush or in the form of shtamb trees. It should be understood that the yield will be higher when growing shrubs, and decorative and unusual – while growing the tree.
If grown Kalina bush, then in early spring, before bud burst and cut all the branches at 3-4 knots. When the remaining kidney will grow shoots in the 25-30 cm, the growing point should to cut. Of the remaining kidney will grow up strong shoots that will form the basis of the bush. Later, you can add several more branches and bushes to make such a volume as you consider necessary. Bushes at the age of 6 years must have 3.5 main branches.
If you want to grow Kalina-tree, then leave one vertical Stalks, and the rest cut away to the base. Grow this year will stem 2-3, removing the lateral buds in the lower part. At a height of 2 meters growing point should be removed – this will awaken the kidneys in the top of the barrel, and begin branching. In this case all the shoots should be removed regularly, as well as lateral shoots in the area stems.

To place not to waste

You may be wondering how best to use tree trunks Viburnum – because many areas are small and every inch counts. I did the following – until the seedlings were low, under the plants that grow in a bush, planted sorrel, and by those reared in a trunk in the form of trees planted chaenomeles Japanese (Japanese quince low).
Sorrel good time to grow out and give the first crop, while Viburnum still dressed in summer attire dense foliage.
In Japan quince Japanese taproot goes deep into the ground, so the competition Kalina he is. From him only benefit – make shade ground without letting it dry up, and in winter in the bush it accumulates a lot of snow, which blows no wind. Harvest Viburnum quince does not interfere – with the substitution of ladders its flexible branches bend down to the ground and not damaged.
In addition to all get a double crop of fruit – from the upper tier fruit snowball, and the lower receive fragrant apples Japan quince Japanese. And when the spring chaenomeles covered by a continuous carpet of orange-red flowers, this arrangement of the eye does not tear.

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