Killer Home Workout!

Anyone can get in shape and feel good through proper exercise. Making sure you are exercising properly is crucial, and this guide can help you along your road to getting fit and healthy.

Exercising at home rather then at the gym is a great way to save money and time, as well as being more convenient. If you can get just a good workout as home then at the gym, then there is very little point going. Unfortunately this is not the case most of the time as not everyone has the money to install proper workout machines and equipment in their home and therefore cannot benefit fully from there workout, though it is possible to get a good workout at home just using cheap weights and a little preparation. This workout wont so for the most intense bodybuilders but it will suffice for most ordinary people you just wish to exercise and put on a some muscle at the same time.

This is a chest workout for those people you want to look a bit buffer. It can be done using a cheap set of weights as it is mainly focused on push ups. Dumbbells don’t need to be expensive and even the most basic ones are sufficient. The first exercise you are going to do is the push up. Form is key to success, push ups must be slow and steady to get the most out of them, you need to make sure you are isolating the selected muscle zone. Do as many push ups as possible, and as slowly as possible. To do a perfect push have your hands directly underneath your shoulders in fist positions, knuckles facing the ground, back and knees straight, lower yourself to the ground until your chest is only about an inch from the floor, and then raise yourself back up slowly. Repeat until tired.

When the push ups are finished immediately flip onto your back and proceed with the dumbbell press. Use a lighter weight then usual as you will be tired from the push ups. Do as many presses as possible and then change the motion to a dumbbell fly. If you are squirming or shaking and are doing the dumbbell exercises to quickly then you are using too heavy weights. You want to keep all motions slow to avoid injury and focus the movement onto the chest muscles. There is no point rushing your workout as it will not be beneficial in the long run. It is helpful to count out to three on each upward and downward motion to make you focus on your form.

After doing your three selected chest exercises take a small break, no longer then 5 minutes and then proceed to repeat the set. Doing 5 to 7 sets a day, depending on your capability will surely give you a intense workout that will leave you feeling aching the next day. But don’t worry, the tenderness is a sign that you are doing the workout properly and achieving maximum muscle development, however if the pain is not in your muscles and is located in your joints then you are not doing the exercises properly and could cause yourself injury. Make sure the weights are properly weighted for yourself, and that your push ups are done correctly. Form is key!

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  1. Thanks for share . nice informative material !

  2. Nice tips on exercise. One must exercise moderation in doing exercise. This I had learnt the hard way. While I was young I was a fitness freak, but I later found out to utter dismay that we must exercise just to remain fit; and not to build muscles.

  3. Great health ideas and presented well.

  4. Wonderful information…

  5. Good and informative post!

  6. very useful health information here.

  7. Nice…im on it tomorrow! thanks.

  8. I have worked out at home with weights most of my life. Even though sometimes its hard to stay motivated, you just have to constantly set goals for yourself and stay with a routine. Nice article friend.

  9. Wonderful article about maintaining good health. A very significant piece of writing.
    -Santosh Kumar

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