Ladies, Smoking Will Add Wrinkles to Your Face

Besides all the damage to your lungs and other organs, smoking adds wrinkles and years to your face. Even 20 year olds are receiving skin and lung damage from the 4,000 plus chemicals in tobacco smoke. Smoking is a no win situation. It ages you faster and destroys your lungs. Cancer risks are also higher for smokers than non smokers, and not just in the lungs.

Ladies, Smoking Will Add Wrinkles to Your Face

Do you notice that smokers look older than non smokers? It isn’t your imagination, they really do. Cigarette smoke contains carbon monoxide and many other oxidants that cause wrinkles and aging skin. Nicotine is a stimulate that causes blood vessel constriction that reduces oxygen to the skin. Smoking depletes vitamin C. It causes changes in the skin that interferes with cells that form connective tissue in the skin. Also the puckering of the lips as smoke is drawn in and out cause more wrinkles around the mouth. Squinting to keep the smoke out of the eyes causes more wrinkling around the eyes. Even in 20 year olds, you can see the onset of damage which will only get worse as smoking continues.

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There are 4,000 plus chemicals in cigarette smoke. Other than carbon monoxide and nicotine, A few of those chemicals are, formaldehyde, hydrogen cyanide, nitric oxide, acrolein. Other compounds include acetone, benzene, mercury, lead, ammonia, cadmium, arsenic and tar.

I hope smokers will have the gumption to put their cigarettes aside when they see what they are putting into their bodies. While you are thinking about wrinkling and aging of the skin take into account the destructions of the lungs that filling them full of cigarette smoke which contains all these poison chemicals causes.

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The good news is that if you quite smoking in time the skin will repair itself and take on a younger appearance. The body will purge itself of the chemicals contained in smoke. Even a long time smoker will see clearer lungs and the chance of lung cancer will plummet. It’s all good news for those who give up smoking. There’s no way smoking can give you as much pleasure as a younger face and a healthier body.

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  3. Tulan you are so right, smoking does add wrinkles. I makes you look older than you actual are…Trust me I know, I see it when I pass the mirror and ask who that old woman is looking back at me. lol

  4. Very interesting. This is a great reason to stop smoking. I don’t smoke so I don’t have to worry about this.

  5. It’s really a must that people should avoid smoking for the good of their health.

  6. Awesome article! Now where did I hide that wrinkle vanishing cream?

  7. Another good reason to stop smoking.

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  9. nice article :) Smoking is really really not worth it everything considered!

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  11. smoking is very bad…

  12. Thankfully I gave up smoking a few years ago. Good article.

  13. Very good advice Tulan but I don’t think it will change the mind of the older generation of smokers. If it stops the young from taking it up it is well worth the effort. Great post as usual tulan.

  14. You’re right. You can almost tell a smoker by looking at her face, not even counting that hacking cough that most smokers have.

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  17. Smoking is SO harmful!

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