Lady Gaga Smoking Habits- How Many Cigarettes Does She Smoke a Day

Do you want to know how many cigarettes Lady Gaga smokes each day. Here is some information about the smoking habits of pop sensation Lady Gaga.

Are you curious to know how many cigarettes Lady Gaga smokes every day? Does she smoke the same number of cigarettes every day and what is her favorite brand of cigarette.

The majority of celebrities tend to smoke cigarettes as a way to relax before and after concerts. Lady Gaga is no different. However she is a little crazy when it comes to her outfits and costumes so you would expect something bizarre from her smoking habits.

Lady Gaga has said that she does not smoke that much anymore because she cares about her voice. She claims not to smoke on days she performs on her live tours. However she seems to say one thing and do another.  She smoked on stage while on tour in Canada so basically saying she does not smoke on performance days is not true. As for saying she does not smoke that much apart from the odd cigarette, she does reveal that she has a cigarette while drinking whiskey ‘ to free her mind’. One does wonder what illicit substances she uses in conjunction with whiskey and cigarettes to achieve this. She also was rumored to smoke 9 cigarettes in a row, Marlboro ones.  However it is not know if this is strictly true. Lady Gaga has also been rumored to smoke a pipe.

Whatever the case it is unlikely we will ever know exactly how many cigarettes Lady Gaga smokes and the brand of cigarette she smokes. She may not have a favorite brand of cigarette and may smoke whatever she is bought or given.

Do you think Lady Gaga should stop smoking at concerts and in front of her fans? Is she setting a bad example to young fans who copy everything she does?

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